Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 5, 2007

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down!

It’s Monday – Aren’t Monday’s worthless? I say that partially because I’m sitting here with my feet elevated, ice on my big toe…all the while thinking of the things that need done, that are NOT getting done. Graham just left for the airport. He’s going to Phoenix to set up a network for a client there…the timing of my toe is just not good. Oh well, what can I do. He’s leaving 55 degrees here and going to 85 degrees there. I’m jealous. He also said he might not come back. 😦

Humphrey Bogart and Tommy Lee, thankfully are pretty good and seem to know that I can’t be up playing, so they just lay either next to me, or on the floor beneath me. Very sweet! They know that Amber will play with them when she gets home. The back door is cracked a bit so they can go out and play and then come back in when it’s time to take 5 and check on mom!

Speaking of Amber, she’s getting a cold. Poor girl. I think I’ll probably keep her home tomorrow, because she’s not feeling good (and mom MADE her go to school today, how rude!) and also because she has an orthodontist appointment tomorrow (to get her bleaching trays) and Humphrey has a pre-op appointment to get some blood work done. He goes in Wednesday morning to get neutered. Guess I’ll be livin on Ibuprophen tomorrow instead of the good stuff, so I can drive! 🙂

…ok, more later.


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