Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 8, 2007

Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!!!!!!!

Today is Thursday and you’d think that things would have slowed down by now…NOT! Graham finally made it home Tuesday night around midnight. It was quite a chore for him to get back home though, as US Airways doesn’t let people fly “standby”…can you believe that? He also got a very rude lady at the check-in desk. Poor guy! Needless to say, it all worked out eventually, US Airways made it right for him, thank goodness!

On Wednesday morning, Humphrey had to go in to get neutered. However, not only that but have 3 baby teeth removed, and microchiped in 2 places. Talk about traumatic! He really has been a trooper though! Thankfully they gave him some pain meds. Woo hoo! Pretty soon the whole family will be doped up! LOL Tommy didn’t fair too well though, he really sulked all day, wandering around the house aimlessly looking for his big brother. One look from those sad eyes and you just HAD to give him a treat. Seriously he made out like a bandit (manipulator) while his brother was getting the shaft!

While I only had one little one to watch, who mostly slept at my feet all day, I paid bills, got organized (at least a little bit more), did some filing, got the laundry completely caught up and managed to finally get the boys’ AKC paperwork done and ready to go in the mail! Yea! Cross a couple more things off my list! The bad news in all of this is that I overdid it with my toe. I paid for it in the middle of the night Wed night, oh…did I pay! I guess since I accomplished so much the day before, I should have tried harder to stay off my feet the past couple days. Tough!!!! That is really tough! Two puppies, a teenage daughter and a husband…all of which are used to being taken care of!

Sunday I’m leaving with my best friend (and her daughter) to go to San Jose for a couple days. Her daughter is having surgery while we’re there…but in the midst of it all we’re going to try and go to the beach and find some “shells”….I can’t wait to take pictures! I’ve never been there before, so we should have a little bit of fun in addition to the little bit of discomfort…maybe we can make up for it. I think my best friend and I both really need a break from reality too. So it should be some good “me” time too.

Been surfing blogs alot lately….I have to admit, they are something of their own breed, obviously. I’ve found everything from vacation blogs, to baby blogs, to book blogs, to super software geek blogs…wow! I’ve had this blog for a couple years now, and have never done anything with it…but recently my mom mentioned about one of her cousins who sends out an email with pictures to a bunch of people whenever she travels…”she should blog”…that sparked me to take my own advice. This way maybe mom can show her mine…and maybe it’s something that would work for her…it’s pretty easy.

I have had several old journals/diaries…but this is different. I am sure that people type their whole lives and thought processes in blogs for that same purpose…along with random ideas and poems…however, I’m not entirely certain of what this will bring for me. I do know that it’s been something nice (maybe relaxing) for me to do, and I wish that I would have entered in alot of stuff over the past two years, if not here…somewhere. It’s been quite busy around here!


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