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Guess it’s time for an update! 🙂 What a loser! – Amber and Graham have been surpassing me…what’s with that? LOL Maybe this long one will help me catch up a bit!

Ok I’ll start here (previously emailed this to a friend, perfect for blogging) – Well I’m home from San Jose (gone the 13th, 14th and 15th)…I’m tired, with the time change and then time changing back and forth between here and San Jose…messed me up. Early rise every day, long days….3 of them! We went to the Doctor on Sunday, then off to the
beach…what fun! It was almost like driving to McCall (Or maybe Idaho city) through the canyon just to get to the beach…where it was open. Mountains so beautiful! Then the waves! Awesome! Then dinner at Alice’s Restaurant. Guess Arlo Guthrie wrote a song about Alice’s Restaurant…don’t really know the song/era/reason…but I overheard that it’s FAMOUS…I read a ton of reviews on it….and every review was either a 4 or 5 star….all held true. Great food. I ate a burger called the “La Mans”. Then back to the hotel….strange place I’ll tell ya. Looked like a college apartment complex (a small one) from the outside…nice windows the tic/tac/toe kind…well kept up outside…walk in the front door, everything looks updated and nice…newer carpet, new paint and wallpaper (textured)…and a sign. I posted a picture of it on flickr. Hysterical. I finally figured out it is because the hotel permits smoking which is known to cause cancer….anyway, the rooms are nice. Jaccuzis in them…ours had two beds a kitchette with fridge, stove, sink cupboards…and a sofa and table w/two chairs. Cute. 🙂 Almost old, trying to get to new status. 🙂 Serve breakfast every morning…scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast, toaster waffles, muffins, bagels, juice, fruit etc….nice! And then Monday thru Thursday they have a lite dinner, menu rotating. Monday night was make your own deli sandwich, with tons of stuff! 🙂 Free food is always great! Then Monday we left for the surgery center we had to be there by 8:30, met a nice man who’s son was also having the same surgery as Rachel. Very nice guy from Ohio. Rachel did awesome throughout everything. Amazingly strong little girl. She just seemed to know what was going to happen next and wanted things to be very similar. They helped make it that way for her which was great. She slept all day, once she woke up we were released within about a half hour, it was about 5:45 when they wheeled her out to the car. Then we ate our sandwiches (Rachel had some candy and 7-up) and we went to the $1.25 store, so Rachel could look around. She felt pretty good. When she was ready to leave, we headed back to the hotel to do some coloring and have some girl time. Tuesday morning we were up at 5am, and outta the hotel after a yummy breakfast about 7:30, and only by the grace of God did we make it to the airport in the traffic (10 miles) in 30 minutes, and about 5 different freeways/expressways etc. later….to return the rental car and get checked in, through security, and into a very crowded room to wait for the plane. 🙂 We all made it home in one piece. I was lucky, I got a good nap…Carrie and Rachel however, did not. Poor girls!

Let’s see, the rest of the week consisted of catching up on sleep, wanting to do laundry…and not accomplishing it…and getting back into the swing of things. I was thankful to come home to a house just as clean/picked up as I left it….but sad to hear that Graham and Amber did so well without me. It’s so nice to be needed…

Saturday Amber and I went with my mom and Gena out running around. We went to Morris Hill Cemetery to find a headstone, for one of mom’s fellow genealogists. We cleaned up around the headstone of this mans, and what we think was his wifes. Then placed some flowers for them, and took a couple pictures. We also went to lunch, Japanese, maybe not my best choice to take them too…but none the less an experience. LOL – I tried to pay the bill..since I ordered so much food (I wanted them to taste so much)…but even though I gave the lady my bank card…mom walked over there (while I was not paying attention) and told the lady she was buying. I was not amused. We also hit the dollar store, and ShopKo on our journey. 🙂 Saturday evening, our friends (and previous neighbors) came over for a very nice visit and brought their youngest son, and puppy with them. Scrappy and the boys love their play dates! It’s so nice to watch them wear themselves out. And we get to visit!!!!

Sunday afternoon sleepy head slept until almost 1pm (she about choked when I went up and told her it was 10 to 1)…then she got some food in her tummy and settled in to do some homework. Graham and I took the boys to Zamzows to get some round-up and fertilizer…they went nuts…they love people! Doesn’t matter who, or where, just people! Then we headed to Home Depot for a doggie door. Even though we ran errands, sprayed round-up, installed the doggie door etc…we still had time for a short walk around the block with the boys.

And finally…today…MONDAY…I got some laundry done!!! Monday is usually my laundry day, so I don’t feel like I’m behind at all! Yea! We all pitched in with dinner and had bacon, eggs and pancakes for dinner. YUM!

Tomorrow is a new day! It’s not Monday anymore, however there is a 60% chance of rain, and the weather has been so beautiful, i’ll be sad to see it go…spring is here, that’s for sure! We are having the “Dell” guy over in the morning, to fix a clients machine (Gold Support is Awesome!) which is so funny, since he’s doing what Graham would normally do, but…the customer paid for the extended warranty, so Dell comes out and does it! Funny! We also are having a meeting with a man who does Dog Training in the evening…these puppies are so cute, we want them to STAY cute…and learn a few manners. 🙂 We tried Puppy Kindergarten, and both of us were really not impressed…add to that our little guys are so VERY social and hyper, it’s almost impossible for them to chill and actually learn in that one hour time frame when there are 4 or 5 different “friends” to play with! We’ll see how this meeting goes!

Hopefully this will catch me up with my blogging…I’ll try and stay on top of it. If you get a chance, you gotta read Graham’s Blog he secretly reads news (inside joke) and found a real whopper of a news article! Hysterical! — Secrest Out !


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