Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 10, 2007

The House that Jack Built!

Thought I’d post a quick note, about our Easter Weekend. Graham and I have been trying to decide what to do in the back corner of our back yard…when we moved in last June, it was a weed garden, so we thought we’d turn it into a vegetable garden. It didn’t get enough sun, sadly…and it got too much water, due to the back neighbors sprinklers not being adjusted properly. So after that mess…we knew that was not going to work, but we had no idea what to put in it’s place…we discussed planting grass…decorative patio bricks and even having a concrete pad poured. None of those really seemed logical…so we came up with a DECK, then we could put a Gazebo on it! Yea! Great idea!

Sounds great doesn’t it? It really is! Its very pretty…and when we get our new furniture unpacked (hopefully tomorrow) and then get the landscaping done (maybe next month) it’ll look even better. We are so excited! Our new patio set is a dark weather resistant wicker, with tan colored cushions, ottomans, and a coffee table…very pretty! (I’ll post pictures when we get it out there—so check back!)

Graham worked VERY hard. He spent all day Saturday working on the deck, until the weather decided to turn on us late in the afternoon, so Sunday he finished it up, and put up the Gazebo. We did help (Amber and I)…however, he deserves all the credit. We just helped keep the supplies coming, and made sure he stayed hydrated…and all the other “grunt” work…but we can both say we helped. Hard to really do much more than that…watching it was really a one person (with helpers) job. Poor guy was very sore!! I think he still is. He’s got bruises all over his legs! The “boys” helped too…NOT! But they sure had fun playing outside all day!

We will continue to add pictures as we get more done…we still have not made any final decisions about landscaping yet…a fire pit, or a fountain….or neither. Large river rocks, bark, decorative bricks….bluck!

Right now the weather is still pretty unpredictable, so we’re waiting to seal the deck until June (as per directions from the deck-lady at HomeDepot) when the pollen and flower blooms are done blowing all over, so there is no possibility of a “film” in conjunction with the sealant. And for those of you who might be wondering, we do have a “screen” for the inside of the Gazebo, to keep out the bugs…but we also are waiting until the weather shapes up. The winds out this way (South of town) are stronger and we want to preserve the netting for when we’ll really need it. 🙂 Can you blame us?

Inside the center top of the Gazebo there is a hook for a….believe it or not….chandelier. I am not kidding, they have outdoor chandeliers! We are not putting electricity out there, but we are thinking of hanging a battery operated lantern out there…just gotta find one first!

Ok – I think it’s bed time…it’s been a long couple weeks. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post more about what’s been going on around here, other than the deck…zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


  1. Sounds coolio! I (And the family)misses you guys sssooo mucho! How are you guys other then that? I (And we) Luv you guys sssssssooooo much! ~Hillary (And the Black Pack)


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