Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 12, 2007

On my HIGH horse again…

The title says it all…but, safety (internet safety) is my passion…and you already know this if you know me…I don’t quit!

We’ve seen a commercial a couple times the past few days that has just struck a cord. I wish they could show this commercial at school every day (maybe I’ll suggest that)…it all surrounds safety in posting (blogging, myspace, etc.) geared toward teen girls. I have one of those (a teenage girl), who does blog…and the few times we’d seen that commercial, she was no where around.

Today, I found the link to the commercial. I made her watch it…and I highly recommend you watch it, especially if you have/know a teenage girl…or boy for that matter…you could help save a life. Show them this video too!

As always, though I don’t solicit them…I welcome your comments.


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