Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 13, 2007

Pearls Before Breakfast

Ok – So I have to admit, I’m enjoying reading other peoples blogs…and about a week ago I came across a guys blog that just made me laugh almost to the point not being able to breathe. Tonight I checked it out again, and came across another post, although this one wasn’t funny, it was just amazing. Amazing in the fact that people now-days are just too busy to see beauty that is put directly in front of them…they don’t stop to bask in the awe of things that could help change their whole outlook on the day ahead of them…

That’s it! I’m stopping no matter what it is! – Even if I’m going to be late…life is just too short!

Even though this is a very long read, it’s soooo worth it, and don’t forget to watch the video’s (with sound)…beauty at it’s finest! Click here to read the article Pearls Before Breakfast

IF A GREAT MUSICIAN PLAYS GREAT MUSIC BUT NO ONE HEARS . . . WAS HE REALLY ANY GOOD? – I loved that statement (from the article)

My prayer for you all today is:

Dear Lord, thank you for all the beauty you provide for each of us daily, I pray that all your children seek the time as they read this post, and read this article to stop and appreciate all (ALL) beauty that is before them, not just the obvious. Thank you for all the blessings we are so freely given, because every second we’re alive is a blessing from you.


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