Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 16, 2007

The House that Jack Built – Phase II

So another weekend passed by very quickly and although there was not alot of rain, there was WIND, pretty much all weekend…so much wind that it really got irritating!
Graham got Phase II of the Deck Landscaping done. The Bark and Border….it’s beautiful! Amber and I did some much needed bush/tree pruning and pulled some weeds, so that the flower beds could get their cedar border and some new bark added to them. Wow! What a difference a little bit of border/bark can do!

We thought long and hard about borrowing dads’ truck, buying a wheel-barrow and getting bulk bark. And after much consideration decided that buying the bags (Wally World had a great deal on it) would be a more viable option. And easier! So….Graham went and got some bark. The first load, which we thought would get us a great start, well…after 25 bags of bark…really didn’t make much of a dent. We wanted it pretty thick…because the ground isn’t level back there, we wanted the bark to make sure and give the impression that it was…LOL! Shortly after Graham got the bark dumped into the back bed, we realized we needed more! So off we went again to pick up 30 more bags! I can’t believe we got all that into the Expedition!

Lookin good!!!!!!!!! But still shy a few bags! Can you believe that? 55 Bags of bark by this time and now still a few shy! We picked up a couple more from HomeDepot because they are the only place that had the cedar edging we used, while we were there….and although we bought 8…we could have easily used 10…the front bed is a little lean, but we could not bring ourselves to go back! Do you blame us???

The wind was just driving us crazy and I swear it didn’t stop until this morning, and it’s supposed to be beautiful today! Sunny, 67 and no wind. I don’t get it! And then of course, tomorrow and Wednesday (Amber’s outta school that day) they are forecasting rain! We just want to get our cushions out for the new furniture, so we can enjoy the deck…is that just asking too much? We’re not so much worried about the rain, as the wind blowing them away…maybe we’ll get them out today.

Flowers and other decorative things will come, when we’re sure there are no more Frost warnings…and with our weird weather, who knows when that will be!


  1. I luv what you guys did to your yards! Your house is ssssoooo pretty! Good Job!! 🙂


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