Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | April 24, 2007

Repeat Visitor…

During last several days (off and on), early in the morning we’ve had an unexpected visitor. Though the dogs aren’t too fond of her, I’m sure she doesn’t really care much. The first day she arrived, Saturday, I kept hearing something hitting the front window, It sounded almost like a sprinkler, it was every couple seconds. So I got up to check, and several times I watched as Miss Robin Red-breast flew into the front bay window, smacked it, and tried again. Over and over. I tried to get a picture, but by the time I got the camera out, all I could get was a blur…the boys had beat me to the window and scared her off. How sad, yet comical that she would continue trying. Off and on throughout the morning she tried to get inside. We have two small birds nests under our front porch, that have been there since we moved in, but we have not had any one take up residence thus far. This happened again this morning, only I got some great shots of Miss Robin this time. They boys have been almost too busy to notice, thankfully. HOWEVER, this time, the poor thing has hit the bay window at least 75 times now. I started taking pictures of her at 8:22am, and the last picture at 9:33…it’s now 9:48 and she’s still “knocking”…my heart breaks for her since I know that birds don’t have any repreive from their head-aches like we do, and I promise, she’s gonna have a whopper!

Strange! Over and over….so, just I moved myself into the front sitting room to watch, and see what she might be trying to get at…and I swear her “hits” are every several seconds..15 seconds, now 5 seconds, and 3 seconds. Here are the boys…and there she goes—-into the tree, only feet away. I’m sure she’ll be back. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her “smacking” the window, but that might be too rude, I would hate for someone to get a picture of me making a fool of myself.
I wonder how long she’ll stick around, she’s beautiful, though sometimes brains are more of an asset…

– She’s still going at it…

11:53am – I’m getting a headache now…I don’t believe this. Here’s the video

1:30pm – Amazing determination, yes…she’s still attempting the impossible!

2:38pm – I’ve got to find something to hang there…I am dumb-founded at this point, cuz it’s not even bothering the dogs anymore…

4:20pm – You wouldn’t believe me…

4:48pm – Still no reprevieve unless I go out there…this is her contribution to my suffering, that she left on our porch…(see below) this is only part of it, a small part – can you say GROSS!



  1. Thats pretty funny that the bird kept on hitting it’s head on your window. lol. Pretty bird. Oh so you can put videos on here? That would be coolio if you had like “Video’s of the week” thing. Or yeah just put video’s in general on here. That would be coolio. Well I better go. I LUV YA WITH ALL MY HEART!!! ~Hillary


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