Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 16, 2007

Weather, Weekend and WOAH!

Today, it was 93 degrees (the record for today was 94 last year in 2006)….it’s 10pm and it’s still 71. Nice breeze though now…

I am not one for VERY hot, or VERY cold. I love the in between. I don’t know that I could live in Seattle because of the rain….but I’d be happy with 70 and slightly overcast every day, all year round.

The weather really has been pretty nice, which helped make for a nice weekend last weekend. We had family in town from Seattle…Graham’s Dad and Step-Mom. We mostly hung out at home and just visited. Friday night we were able to stay outside on the deck until very late. And Saturday Doris and I got treated to a nice pedicure at the Spa. It was SO NICE! 🙂 While we were gone, Amber watched the “Boys” and Graham and Jerry went to the store to get the rest of the things we needed for dinner.

We had Red Wine, Rosemary and Garlic Red Roasted Potatoes, a nice salad, sourdough bread and ….Rosemary and Garlic BBQ Lamb Chops! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! We ended our night with a game of Mexican Train Dominos (they play differently (cheat) than we do—-LOL—just kidding) and had a Key Lime Cheeseball from Swiss Colony Occasions with Vanilla Wafers! YUM! :)—–Then no rest for the weary, up early on Sunday morning for breakfast before they headed home. Pretty good weekend. 🙂 The boys really were on their best behavior which was nice, and the girl…well, she was too! EXCEPT for the extra hole she pierced in her ear (the previous Tuesday) and we found out while waiting for our table surrounded by all the Mothers Day breakfast patrons waiting as well…so fortunately for her there was no way for either of us to really beat her! LOL….She lucked out. And I guess we did too…it could be worse!

Uh, Yeah…Happy Mother’s Day Mom…don’t kill me…please…(I think is what she was thinkin)….

Graham’s Mom and Step-Dad will be here the middle of June…I hope she does NOT have any more surprises in store…if she does…the funeral will be the following Friday. Don’t send flowers, just send more earrings!


  1. WoW! ANOTHER ONE??? GEEZZ! It looks very sweetness though. I wish my mom would let me get another hole. Well like two or three. Hehe. Man I miss Amber. I have found something to be true: She is truely my BESTEST FRIEND AND SISTER EVER!!! But she isn’t talking to me right now which makes me cry and sty up all night. Well Can you tell her I love and miss her and that I VERY VERY VERY TRUELY SORRY!?!?!?! Cuz she won’t listen to me. Well I hope all is well with you. I LOVE YOU 2nd MOMMY!! ~Hillary


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