Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | May 30, 2007

Provided all goes well on her tests…."4.0 Baby"

Well, Miss Amber has been trying desperately to get her (outstanding) 3.875 GPA up to a “4.0” over the past couple months…and the Identity Book Presentation (Freshman Profile) did it—-she’s over the edge!!!!

As of this morning she’s offically a “4.0” student! Proud you ask? UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!!!! She’s the bomb! We are so proud of her!

The only (teeny tiny) catch is….she must still do well on her EOC’s….(End of Course-Finals) which are this next week…We have faith!!!! YOU GO GIRL! You are amazing!


  1. Aw, thanx mama. Im happy that you are proud. I very estatic that I got my grades where I wanted them. Hey can you remind me to blog the other thing about you? It’s the “Day in the Life of: You” thing that I fixed.

    Thank you! I love you mama! xox

  2. Yeah Amber!! Good for you!! You must be proud Steph! I mean I am too. I knew she was smart but not THAT smart! Haha, JUST KIDDING!!! Me and Amber both knew she was the smarter one. Well tell her I’m proud of her and give her a big hug and kiss for me. LOVE YOU!!! And I hope all is well with you and the family! ~Hillary


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