Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | December 30, 2007

Pre – 365 Days of Blogging

We finally got ourselves moved, and managed to start getting settled in at the new house, so it seemed fitting to try something new to go along with the new house. That’s where 365 days of blogging comes in. I think that I was just pondering the thought at first, then for some reason I think I managed to completely talk myself into it without realizing the commitment I was making. How do I do that to myself? I’m not sure exactly were to start, other than I’ve been trying to find a decent blog template (one I don’t have to create myself) that I can be happy with, and the search just is one struggle after another. I have started with this simple flower (and if it’s not here and you’re reading this I must have changed my mind). The flower is an Echinacea flower and it in itself is a symbol to me. In November I got my first tattoo (no, I am not saying there will be a second, only that it was my first), and that is part of what the tattoo is. I also decided that if I can, I’ll also try to post 365 days of pictures (what of, I’m not sure yet) on our Flickr account. I might encourage Amber to try something similar since she is really enjoying her Digital Photo class this year. I welcome your comments throughout my 365 day journey and I hope to both be able to give some insight into my life, vent my frustrations and share some laughter along the way. “CHEERS”


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