Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 3, 2008

Day 3 – New Attitudes

Well, today I took Amber to get her hair highlighted.  I also got a perm…PERM?  Yes, my hair is so thick and so heavy it won’t hold a curl any other way.   This way I can straighten it if I want, or curl it if I want, or do nothing.    I also got my chin length bangs cut to eyebrow length…which was desperately needed.  So hopefully after I can wash it, I’ll feel comfortable going in public again….that smell is just YUCK!  We also went to Walmart but in the town where we got our hair done, so no one knew me…LOL.   With moving we have not had ‘real’ dinner except for maybe twice since Thanksgiving, how sad is that?   We’ve had enough things for side dishes, but not much in the way of main courses…so it was definately time for a trip to the grocery store.   We still need to hit Costco for some essentials, but for now I know I have about 10-15 actual dinner meals in the house.  AHHHHH!  Thank goodness.  Hubby cooked tonight, which was so nice considering we’ve been gone all day, and the LAST thing (besides laundry) that I wanted to do was cook tonight.  I am excited to cook tomorrow though…we have things to cook!

Speaking of dinner…we’ll probably do some Dinners Ready meals as well.   We really like them, and it’s nice not having to make a huge mess in the kitchen for one, and for two…it’s nice being able to have different dishes without buying strange ingredients.  They are pretty reasonable considering they do all the work for you…I highly recommend it.  And if you want to save a little money, you can go in and make the meals there yourself!   Take a friend—it’s a nice change.


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