Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 5, 2008


Why is it that when you go into Costco with a list…you never get JUST the things on the list…it’s always MORE.  And the total always come to MORE than what you’re expecting.   Usually Hubby sneaks things into the basket but this time, it was mutual, and there were things we got that we will definately love and use (those collapsable bowls/strainers etc)…but that we didn’t TRULY need.   Costco is the devil.  🙂   Thankfully for being as busy as it was (nicest Saturday afternoon in a long time, so EVERYONE was out doing errands)…it wasn’t too bad.  Didn’t see much in the way of crabby people, nor too many (notice I didn’t say any) rude ones either.

Tonight I think we’re having a Pantry Party…that’s where we all get to help organize the pantry!  Since our move, everything is just SHOVED in there, it’s a free for all.   If you can’t find it, we must not have it.  (NOT TRUE)  To make things worse, we have a glass panel pantry door, so anyone walking into the kitchen can see the disaster.  I’m surprised we haven’t smashed the bread yet, or managed to have an open bag of beans all over the place with the way things are just tossed (THROWN) in there.  🙂

For now it’s rest time.  Hubby’s watching the Seahawks, BabyAm is doing homework and I need to close my eyes for 30 minutes.


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