Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 7, 2008

More snow, less laundry

This morning was another strange morning, as we woke up to SNOW again.   It didn’t look like it was going to stop (it did, and started again).  It looked like a WHITE OUT (actually a couple times today)…so I decided to take a few pictures. I am NOT a photographer by trade, please know that.  I am a million other things, but not that.  🙂 

I am struggling with WordPress though, (used to blogger) when it comes to uploading pictures.  I would prefer to link to them, than upload them into my “blog”…so I’ve not posted them yet.   I know how, just don’t want to…want to buck the system really.   WYSIWYG is not really the case here like they say…so I just have to keep playing around with everything and have some patience.  

While I’m not a photographer, I do know “software” so this is not going to get me down…nor tick me off.  I will prevail.  By the end of this 365 days of blogging, I will have either overcome my issue, changed platforms or given up.   I am SURE it will not be the later. 

Anyhow…the snow came and went, and came back again…finally it died off, shortly after sweeping off the back porch twice, and the sun melted the driveway.   My guess is, tomorrow morning we’ll have it again.  That is not really a prediction, as it seems NOT ONE weather person in this town can get the weather right.   Honeslty, I think they write the possible weather conditions down on tiny pieces of paper and just before the news and going on air, they pull one out of a hat.    Karen from Mean Girls who had “ESPN or something” could do a better job.  What does that tell you?

Let’s move on to a happier note…THE LAUNDRY IS DONE.  Well at least for today.   I have to say that about a year ago I finally realized that Monday was a good laundry day.  I have worked hard to accomplish all the laundry on Mondays.   Some weeks it’s worked, some it hasn’t.  I think I got the idea after remembering how my Grandma told me that she used to do all the laundry on one day, ironing and starching the next day and so on…she said it worked pretty well for her.  Hum…me taking the advice of elders.  Who would have thought?   So, all that to say…that it was a nice quiet (blog reading) day for me today.  Hubby helped me vacuum, swiffer, mop and pick up this weekend, so that just left me to making dinner today.  And I did that, without a thought, or complaint (today).   I made Taco Ring, a variation though of the Pampered Chef recipe.  And I must say the family was pleased.  They even helped clean up.   How do I rate tonight?  I am blessed!

I also menitoned in a previous post the Debate Booster club stuff that needed to get done…I did that too!   I am not sure what got into me, but I’m not doin too bad.  We are having the meeting at our house tomorrow night, since we’ll be discussing fundraising, and who knows how long that could take.   How many parents do you think will show up?  I will tell you between 8 and 10…out of over 65 parents.  Is that a good ratio?  Not to me.  I would prefer to have 65 parents in my house to tell you the truth (this is an “academic” sport really—-it’s important too!).  SIGH.  I’ll let you know, but I do know that the faithful will show, if they can.  Why can’t parents be involved?  (That’s another conversation/rant all in itself…I’ll save it for a future post.)

I had two people invite me to be their friend today from BLOG365, which was nice.  Both of which are hysterical bloggers.   I swear that is what I’m in it for, the humor.  I hope I find my funny bone soon.  And that I get some more traffic here.  🙂  I have started a post (that I keep adding to) of my favorite humorous posts…the kind that make you almost wet your pants, the kind where the tears are streaming down your face, the kind that you can completely relate too, and wish you wrote yourself…and some of the kind that I swear they were in my house just before they wrote about it…I can’t wait to get that up and posted…these women are just a riot!  And I am not sure they mean to be.  That’s the best part.

Enjoy your night fellow bloggers.  I will, I have NO laundry!  🙂



  1. Oh!!!! Please keep me posted on how things go with WordPress! I really, really, really want to know because I want to move to that because I have heard it is so much better than blogger.

    And as for the laundry, I do a load a day so it takes about 5 minutes to put away instead of a whole day to tackle a mountain. (Plus, I don’t have that much underwear…)


  2. WP, still new to me, has its pros and is, it’s easy to pull all your old blogs from blogger into…con, limited on space, so uploading pictures is a royal pain in the …And I’m having serious widget issues…still can’t get the 365 blog widget to work properly, some do..some don’t. IRRITATING. I like the ease of changing the banner, but can’t customize colors of templates. Have to pay for extras with WP, that is stupid, and with Blogger I could pick templates without having any issues and have them work fine…but now, the graphics disappear after a couple days when I upload other NON blogger templates. So you can see my quandry. I say…I don’t have an answer for you and until my frustration of all this freaking snow goes away I don’t have time for another one. LOL 🙂 There are tons more pros and cons so far, but for now…I’ll keep you posted for sure as I go along. PS…i am sure with two small kids along with the dog and hubby, you probably wish your only frustration was snow…trust me I have more issues but today, it’s mostly SNOW. LOL I’ll blog about why…save that for tomorrows 365 days of hell. 🙂

  3. i do all the laundry on friday and then Sat the hubby and I put it all away! I hate putting away and folding!!


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