Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 9, 2008


Finally a morning with no snow.   🙂  YEA!   I know we need the snow, but it’s just taken a toll on my attitude this past week, and I only have one explaination.   New house, no fence, no covered patio,…2 dogs and no dog door.  Can you guess?   The boys are used to having a doggie door, they are used to going out when they want, playing in the yard, running around like little chickens with their head cut off…and now…they are stuck inside.   They are sooo good about telling us when they need to go out, but when it’s snowing hard, the patio is slick, the snow is BLOWING, it’s cold outside and you have to hurry up, grab your coat/robe, gloves, shoes (not just any shoes mind you…you’re going out into inches of snow), grab the leashes, put them on, and then go out and stand while they take care of their business…on a regular basis…it gets old.  Not to mention the filthy habit we have of smoking…so when we go out, they want to go out too (to play)…and we can’t get the fence put up until the snow slows down, and the guys can dig post holes into the ground (when it’s not frozen).    Can you see why the snow might wear on me?

Additionally, the builder asked that we didn’t put any “ice melt” or anything like it (no cat litter, no salt, NOTHING), on the driveway and walk way to the front door, because it voids the warranty on the concrete.    That really sucks too, to be quite honest.  So the patio is slick (we’ve shoveled and swept as much as humanly possible…)…try doing all the above  with that slick patio, gathering all the necessities up, to take the dogs out at 5:30 am when you’re still asleep!  Ahhh.

I can tell you that it’s been a very nice sunny day, and even though it’s cold…I’m so happy it’s not snowing.  Some of the driveway melted good and then the sweet hubby went out and shoveled (he works from home) it a little while ago…so hopefully it’ll dry up and not be slick.  Still nothing can be done with the patio, since we don’t get much sun over there during this season…it might get a little tiny bit of ice melt tonight.  I can’t stand the ice rink with no ice skates…


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