Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 10, 2008

Just once.

How hard it is to support your kids?  Be involved in their school work, in their activities, in their clubs?   How hard is it to read your email?  How hard is it to respond to those who are not only helping their own kids, but YOUR kids too?    How hard is it to help out ONE weekend, or ONE weeknight, or provide ONE snack for the team…ONE time during the school year?  

For me and about 10 0thers…it’s not hard, because it’s not just ONE time, it’s EVERY TIME, and for 60+ others, it’s impossible to do even ONE of the above.

I don’t understand, and it breaks my heart.  No, it’s not a sports team…it’s an ACADEMIC team.  Is that not JUST as important?   It’s not a 4 hour football game to go sit and watch in the freezing cold, it’s not buying pizza for an entire basket ball team.  It is as easy as taking 40 granola bars, to a given location (locally) and drop them off to a bunch of hungry kids who are mentally pushing themselves for the WIN, and will have very few breaks, sometimes for longer than 8 hours…that’s just the first day, the second day is usually 14 hours.   Some who forget their snacks, or thier money for the snack/pop machines because they are so drained from the day before, and they were up at the crack of dawn trying to get ready (dressed to the nines) to be out the door and to the bus by 7am…  How can you not do this for YOUR kid, for heavens sake, it benefits the WHOLE team!

I encourage anyone reading this blog, to volunteer at least once…for something that involves your kids.  There is someone who is devoting much more time, money, frustration (etc.) than just the once—-All so you don’t have to.    


(Tomorrow has got to be better—-I’ll be at a tournament, dropping off food/drinks to my daughters awesome team of academic WINNERS, even though she is not competing in this weekends tournament—-We don’t talk bull!)


  1. I agree it is so important to remember to do little things like this. Not only does it promote support, but it also allows us as parents to become involved and give back. Even if it takes a few minutes or pennies from your pocket. Great post… 🙂

  2. I agree w/ you 110%. As a mom that works full-time and who also takes care of elderly parents I still manage to find the time to help my daughter with whatever it might be. When she was younger we tried all kinds of sports to see what she would enjoy. We went from Softball to Soccer to Track to Ski Team it was always something. I wasn’t ever able to volunteer my time but snacks and beverages were my contribution. Lateley it is college stuff and lots of research. I regret not being able to be more involved at school but I did the best I could. Orange and Apple slices go along way and don’t cost a fortune. That’s what I brought to the games for Kelsey and her team-mates 🙂 Parents need to be more involved. Not only do the other parents appreciate it but your children will remember it for a life time……………….Keep up the hard work!! YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOM AND SET A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR OTHER PARENTS TO FOLLOW!!!!

  3. Can I print this out and pass it around our whole school?!!!! I’m a class rep for my son’s Pre-K and we can’t get anyone to do ANYTHING! I feel your pain (and I have no FLYLady remedy for this one!!) 😉

    Good luck!!!!

  4. Oh! Oh! Where’s your post for TODAY???

    Need something to blog about?


    You’re officially tagged for the Brush with Fame Meme by Lillian:

    Good luck! 😉

  5. Marlee – of course you can print it and pass it out! 🙂 I am tellin ya, start ’em early! People are so HUMAN sometimes it’s sickening! LOL – I just think everyone should want the best for their kids like I do…and sadly they let everything else come first…we only have so many precious hours with our kids before they are gone! We need to cherish them while we can, and get to know the kids they are hanging with. Helps keep ’em outta trouble.

    As for my blog post today? I still have time. I’m going to go check out your tag now…Scary, I don’t have anyone to tag! LOL


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