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My first TAG! – Brushes with fame…

Marlee from Marlees Rant tagged me today (and I noticed she hasn’t fulfilled her tag yet—UPDATE, she did the next day!) in addition to razzin me for not posting my “daily” yet.   I am a procrastinator by nature, so it’s usually late when I post….I still have an hour and a half…so I’m doing awesome!  (Here’s the original tag)

Thanks for the tag Marlee – I’m on it!   And I am so excited, I can do it too!

I have had the following 3 Brushes with Fame:

1.  I met and got my picture taken with the (then) Vice President Dan Quale – when he came to town in 1992 (ish).  I was working for a Home Builder shortly after my daughter was born.   My boss was really into politics, and was working on a local Senate Campaign.  There was a big political luncheon.  How I ended up going, I do not know…standing in line to take a picture with the Vice President…ok, that was worth it.   Here’s a picture!  YUCK, nice pant-suit…um, lookin-like-a-mom?  And what is with those HUGE GLASSES????   OMG, I am so embarrased!  LOL

Steph and VP Dan Quayle

2.  Same time frame, same Senate Campaign .  He is now the United States Secretary of the Interior (Dirk Kempthorne).  My boss and his wife had tickets to go white water rafting (they were a sponsor type ticket so they were like $250 bucks a pop) and they couldn’t go, so my (then) husband and I got to go with Dirk Kempthorne and a bunch of other “ritzy” type folks…down the North Fork of the Salmon River, rafting and a nice dinner at the end…all for free.   (and I don’t swim…nice)At the beginning he introduced himself to us, and then at the end he remembered our names…very smooth.   Nice guy!  🙂

3.   June 2006 – We had just run the Sawtooth Relay (62 miles, from Stanley to Sun Valley) and were headed back to town, so we stopped for coffee.   We were getting our java, and who should walk in but Bruce Willis and another guy.   We didn’t accost him, just smiled and said hi…(he looks a lot older in person), and then when we walked out his daughter (Scout) and some other guy were in the Tahoe.   Kind of cool.

Ok – I only have my daughter to tag really, but I reserve the right to tag 2 more at a later date!   Thanks Marlee for the memories!  🙂


  1. Hey, I just posted mine! I had already posted yesterday and I didn’t dare WASTE a post when there are soooooooooooo many more days to go (sigh)…

    Your meme is so much more impressive–I have no pics and I’ve never TOUCHED anyone famous! 😉

  2. I am one of the least political people you’ll ever come in contact with, so it is not that impressive to me. 🙂 I wish it was more exciting to me to be honest…at that time, I got thrown to the wolves…real fast! But alas, I have the funky memories!


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