Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 12, 2008

Pleasant Surprise!

Last night, we dropped off the items at the tournament we were slated to bring, and there were a couple parents there too, bringing their goodies….the students ended up having 8 pizzas, homemade cookies and a case of water!   Go Team!   All went as planned!

When we went out today to drop off the water and chocolate pop-tarts (which was a hit)…there were once again, homemade cookies, individually wrapped snack size sandwiches, chips, bananas, bagels and cream cheese (I am sure there were more, but I was so excited I can’t remember them all)!   I was so happy to see all the treats even  though we got such a poor response to the email.  🙂   All the kids were in GREAT spirits, all of them said they were winning their rounds, and one parent even told me (she’s my sidekick in this chaos) that her daughter double broke–meaning she was in the finals–in two different speech events (and she’s a debator!)….so she was doing great!   All the kids were sooo appreciative, and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. 

Could all these parents be reading my blog, or maybe they just got the hint after my email (that was much more kind than my previous post) saying we wouldn’t be able to continue organizing food for these kids, since no one was stepping up!?   What ever it was I have to say, it made my day! —-I just hope they were not ALL from our faithful 10.


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