Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 17, 2008

Blessed am I

Ok – so I am once again reminded how blessed I am to have a great husband. And I’m so thankful for him too. I know that there will never be a way to tell him…EVER, how much it means to me to have him be supportive, to have him be loving, to have him be so caring (not just of me, and of BabyAm) but of others. He’ll never probably know how much it means to me that his working so hard, so that I can stay home, is something I could/can never repay. He’s just the best. THE BEST JERRY, THE BEST!

Over the past several years many of our single mother friends have said how wonderful he is and that they hope someday they will find their “G”…I sure hope they do. I wish he had a couple brothers…for them that is.

We have a friend who after many years of abuse is finally getting divorced. We’re so proud of her! She really has had her share of crap…and even though this is a great thing for her and her kids, it’s all happening very quickly and the garbage just keeps piling up. She’s found out so much more in the last couple weeks than she could ever imagine, and it’s just one thing right after another.  I told her it was one of those things that needs to happen, so she doesn’t regret what she is doing and back out…that she needs to not have time to deal with one thing all the way before the next one hits her…because this way, she gets hit, mourns/gets angry and then she is ready for another battle…all in a very short time frame. 😀 She and her kids are spending the night tonight…she wasn’t feeling safe at home, and we want her to feel safe. So she loaded up the little ones and came to our house for a Sleep Over. Very fun!

As we were visiting I realized just how many lemons life threw at my hubby and I when we first got married, and how we managed to overcome it and really use that to make lemonade with. I know, lame analogy, but true nonetheless. I believe that truly what does not kill us, makes us stronger, and because we really struggled our first year, we just overcame as a team. I want that for everyone…honesty EVERYONE. Some of the things (most) that are going on with our friend, her kids don’t know about.  Yes, they know about the divorce part, and while I am sure things are much better around the house for them, I know it is very hard on kids…and when the kids are pre-teen…they see things that sometimes us parents don’t even know they see/hear. I know they all are doing the best they can, they are such great kids. I’m sad for them, but happy that they don’t have to see their mom get walked on anymore. She’s such a great lady…and they know it too. They are smart cookies, those kids.

We have not seen them in several years, due to issues with her soon to be ex…so we have missed out on hanging with our dear friend, and some sweet years without these little gems…when they showed up tonight, and saw our faces…they all knew instantly who we were, and that was the most heartwarming experience I have had in a long time…little “lit up faces” once they realized where they were! Blessed am I.

Blessed am I, that I have a husband who was willing to take on my issues, after my divorce, after my “live in”, after my “psycho closet dweller”…blessed that I have a husband who accepts me for exactly who I am, not who he wants me to be. Blessed am I that I have a husband who would honestly walk to the ends of the earth for me, in a heartbeat, and I wouldn’t have to ask. Blessed am I to have someone jump right in and take care of my daughter just like she was his own, and really want what’s best for her too. Blessed am I.

A husband who considers me an equal, a husband who considers my opinions valuable, a husband who helps around the house, a husband who laughs with me, not at me…a husband who is home every single night to have dinner with his family…a husband who wants to be a husband I can be proud of and works toward it daily (even though he really doesn’t have to do anything differently)…a husband who wants to play an active role in (our) BabyAm’s life, a husband who does crappy chores, so I don’t have to (like doggie detail, or dropping off the boys at the vet, so I don’t cry all the way home)…Blessed am I.

.……Dear Lord, please help them find their “G”….soon!


  1. Steph! What a beautiful post–I hope you show it to your husband! You *are* truly blessed…and how wonderful that you recognize it!

    I hope things turn out well for your friend and her children–sounds like she is on the right path! 🙂


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