Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 18, 2008

When you hear nothing…

Last night went really well, I stayed up visiting until just about 2am.  I am sure we both needed it.   Our friend had many errands this morning, so she was up and out of the house by about 9.   BabyAm had her last 2 finals for the semester, so she was gone, and Hubby had a meeting with a new client, after dropping the boys off at the vet for their vaccinations.  

Then something kind of scary happened, I found myself sitting alone, in an empty house, without the sound of dog tags jingling…without the sound of cell phones ringing, without the sound of CNN (in Hubbys office), without the sometimes obnoxious clicking of fingers typing on a keyboard, without the sound of 4 extra little voices laughing as they threw stuffed animals down the laundry shute at one another, and without the television on.   I don’t know that I have heard “silence” before or….ever.

It was nice, I relished it for a few minutes, then went in to shower.   How nice it was to know that I was expecting NO ONE to show up, NO ONE to call, and NO ONE to take outside to potty.  Then it hit me…I can sit in this shower until all the hot water runs out if I want to…I can become a prune.  But I didn’t.  I was afraid that I might miss something in the silence.

I would like to try that again…maybe I could pick up a book next time?   Maybe.   But the chances of that are pretty slim, because I’m not seeing absolute silence like that, in my future again…not for a long time, a very long time.


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