Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 19, 2008

Going, Going, Gone…

Quiet and peaceful was not how my day went today.  It wasn’t either of those things, but it gave me some peace…is that the same?   After moving into a new house…all the boxes you didn’t know what to do with, suddenly multiply.  I guess I didn’t realize that.   We moved everything in that was necessary to function…but for whatever reason we seemed to have much more left out there in the garage this time…than last time.  Guess we don’t need half that crap…that meant today since it was a decent day (however—-my mother informed me the snow is supposed to show up after midnight tonight—great) that we decided to do some cleaning in the garage.  What a mess!

We now have things in more of an organized chaotic manner, and tons of garbage to set out on Tuesday, which is nice.  The garbage men are going to hate us though.   Thing is, I can’t understand why we moved some of this stuff and didn’t just toss it when we left the other house…stupid.   All in all, Hubby and I felt so much better getting a large part of it organized, and we know approximately where things are “if” we need them.   And after the bags of garbage are GONE, it’ll be even better!

We did take some stuff upstairs to the spare room, my scrapbooking stuff…even though we left the sewing stuff in the garage.  I couldn’t see taking both of it up (since I don’t have time for both), so I decided on ONE.   We’ll see what happens…hopefully I can get some help going through it so I will feel better about sitting down and actually scrapbooking something.   But you see the word help is important…because help means (to me) someone with an eye for JUNK (and can get it in the trash without me freaking out).   You see, I seem to think that every Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s, Father’s and Valentines day card we’ve received is scrapbooking material – so I keep them.   Not to mention, book reports, 5K race bibs, movie tickets, hockey tickets, concert tickets, and tons of other funky crap that I can’t even think of – but trust me it’s there!    I have not (yet) scrapbooked any of them before, why would I start now?   Because, it’s a sickness…I really MIGHT—someday, just ask me.

On another note, BabyAm’s friend (I’m not saying boyfriend, because I’m in denial really) came over tonight, we all went to Japenese Habachi and ate well…he even tried our favorite sushi dish, The Pink Lady.  Guess he liked it…thats good, I was worried (side note: future suitors in her life are required to like sushi) cuz we like him and hope he sticks around.   Then we watched a cheesy horror type flick that had the most boring and stupid ending you could come up with.   Irritating.   Poor guy probably thinks we’re a bunch of freaks for picking it out…how were we to know?    I’m sure it was supposed to be a decent movie, but ended up being one of those funky “B” movies…sadly.  (Lost Souls for those of you who are wondering, should have looked at the rating before watching it…LOL 4.5 out of 10…bad!)  He might have it right on the freaks part.

Hoping to work on the scrapbooking stuff tomorrow, key word there is “hoping”…wish me luck.


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