Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 20, 2008

Pack Rat

I managed to get up enough energy to sit at my scrapbooking table and go through some totes of crap.   I put some away, I organized some, and even got a full garbage can of stuff to toss.   I guess I had already gone through this stuff a time or two before, because I had a whole bunch of stuff labeled “Dated and Gone Through”….wow!  Doin’ better than I thought.  Here’s a picture of one of the totes full of crap.

Tote Full

And just below, here is what I still have to go through…not today though.

Still to do
And the question of the day…are there any other fellow scrapbookers that keep things like this next picture??? 


Yes, they are Traffic Tickets, from years ago!!!   Let me share a couple of them…let’s start with 89 in a posted 65….or 41 in a 25….and my Hubby’s jaywalking ticket (in front of the courthouse no less)…why would I keep these????   All these things we are NOT proud of.   Did I want to keep them to remind BabyAm to watch her speed, or maybe to use the crosswalk…I just have no idea.   My grandkids, and great grandkids are not going to think this is cool.  Are they?   Who am I kidding, I’m the epitome of Pack Rat!


  1. After spending EVERY DAY for FOUR MONTHS, with both my children in tow, trying to clean out my parents’ house so they could move last spring/summer, I don’t keep ANYTHING anymore because I don’t want to put my kids through that some day when I’m dead. I’m throwing it all out myself right. now. 🙂


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