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Reunions-Part 2

So maybe last night I was a little harsh.   Maybe.   I guess in all my irritation, I just would love to have coffee/dinner with everyone, without all the worry about who is a doctor, or who is a millionaire, or who didn’t make it past the starting line.   It is nice to know where people have been, and where they are now…but not in the aspect of “keeping up with the Jones”…my goodness, we’re all people.   We all had different goals and aspirations for our lives, and I just don’t think any anyone should have to feel “not good enough” to share.  Because it should be “all good”.  

Guess this all stems from my frustration of judgemental people.  Hypocritical people.  And my recent experiences with Narcisistic people (Narcisistic, wow big word for you Steph! – LOL)…it just drives me crazy.   Teaching a teenager how to deal with this kind of stuff is very draining.   Especially because as an adult, we don’t always deal with it as well as we should, so how do you help a teenager go through it.  You know they go through this crap daily…hourly even.    Wanting to be something special (or have something special), so that everyone will like them.   I think this is one of the hardest lessons for me as a parent to teach—(that you are special and that friends should like you for who you are, if not…they’re NOT friends!)  *sigh*

Steph 18 years old

Here’s another blast from my past!  Just after Graduation, 18 years old.
(and once again, I could only wish I was this thin again)

On a more pleasant note, what I didn’t mention yesterday is that I have recently come in contact with several friends, mostly through Class Report, where unlike Classmates, you can post your email address, your web address, and all your info for free.  Its nice really.   I have not emailed anyone (though I’ve thought about it) directly FIRST from that site, but I have gotten several emails, this week alone, from old friends, and it is soooo nice to hear from them (I just got one today!).   So you ask…am I still worried about all the above garbage with those who have emailed me?  NOPE.  Why?  Because they have most likely already looked at all my info (websites/pictures) and still chosen to write and say hello.   Even though, I don’t have fancy cars, houses, boats, extra money to toss around, etc….so I don’t feel judged by any of them.  Strange.  

Life is nothing 20 years later, like I thought it would be looking ahead.   It’s better.  So, friends, if you’re reading this…if my tattoo doesn’t “scare you off”, if you don’t judge me, and you wanna see how I am, in all my raw, honest glory…Email me!   Let’s have coffee!  😀


  1. Well there Mrs Stephy this is your “bff” Karen… crack me up with all your thoughts.

    You can’t worry about all the crap that all the jerks we went to school with are doing. The reunion is different for everyone I’m sure.

    My life isn’t anything I thought it would be either…..hello………..Married 3 times and divorced twice before the age of 25 (now there’s something to brag about) But it’s true #3 is a charm 🙂

    I have these same worries but mostly what really matters to me is not to show off all my money (that I don’t have) or brag about my “souped” up ford focus that I drive – LOL
    It’s to see old friends. Even though there may have only been a handful in school it will still be nice to see them.

    As for my sucess story for all to hear – I have raised a beautiful, smart, talented, focused, goal oriented and loving daughter who is going to be 19 (yes that’s 19) in a few months. I may not have a fancy house, car, airplane, business of my own or traveled the world but I have accomplished what God intended and that is to be a caring, loving mother, wife and friend.

    So Stephy you and I will stand strong and brag about our wonderful families and screw them if they can’t get past everything else!!!!

    We are “lions” for godsake so lets stand strong, united and confront our fears………ok maybe fears isn’t the right word but you know what I mean!!!

    I love you honey and I always have…….you will be in my life forever and like I taught my daughter when things would go south at school with different friends. Most of those people you will never see again once you graduate. You will most likely keep in touch with 2 or 3 so don’t worry about what everyone says about you, for you are a strong INDIVIDUAL so be who you want to be it’s your life LIVE IT!!!!!!


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