Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 29, 2008


Again with the snow…and someone out there is campaigning about Global Warming.  Stupid!  The roads are really bad, and though there isn’t too much snow, they are considering a SNOW DAY for tomorrow.   Every other school district around us has already made the decision but for some reason the two main ones are dragging their feet.   Hubby called tonight, the transportation department to remind them that while they are making this decision to remember that a lady with 6 kids (and 35 weeks pregnant) died tonight during the commute home time, by swerving to miss another wreck.  She hit a semi-truck head on with her Cadillac SUV.    She was taken to the hospital where her baby was delivered by emergency C-Section, and she later died from her injuries.  SEVEN children are now without a mother…what is their holdup.  These kids are our future, and they have so nicely packed 5 days into the school calendar for Snow Days…are our children not as important as getting to school?   I don’t get it.   Please pray (those of you who do) for this family who just lost their mother, wife, sister, daughter etc…how very sad.


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