Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | January 31, 2008

Disaster Cleanup

Cup of Tea and Spill

Sometimes when you have a rough day, does it help you to clean?   It does me.   Today, I tackled my OFFICE (slash Bonus Room).   I really needed to get in there and put stuff away (still had boxes in here from the move)…but have not had the motivation.   Today, I just decided it was time and I was irritated, so I spent several hours unpacking boxes, shredding stuff, re-organizing, going through old/new bills and just plain “diggin in”.   I am still not done, but I made a huge dent.   I’m really hoping I’ll be able to relax enough now to get some decent sleep.  

The things that have made my day rough, are the usual lately…Debate and Snow.   I wish ONE of them would let up, but the future’s not lookin too bright about either.   I decided today that with Debate, I need to give it a few days to hopefully work itself out, and if not…I guess I’ll have to step in.   I hate confrontation.  I don’t handle it well at all.  Does anyone?

Usually with my personality, if I don’t make the effort to “shut my trap” purposely, all sorts of nasty crap spews from it (my trap that is).   I don’t want that at all really, I just want to understand why things are being done/handled the way they are with a handful of things, all of which could be easily solved with a little organization.   Why can’t everyone see things exactly as I do, life would be much more simple that way.  🙂

So before I go ranting, which is not my intention…I think I’ll find some duck tape (for my mouth-to help keep my trap shut), and some mittens for my fingers (so I can’t type anything I’ll regret).    Let’s hope for a better, less irritating tomorrow.  

…WITHOUT SNOW!!!!!!   Yeah right.  *sigh*

 Grouchy by nature


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