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Marlee – You are soooo in trouble!   I can’t believe you did this to me.  I posted 10 before, and I voluntarily did it…then by tagging me (not once but 4 times with one post)  you told the whole internet that I needed to do more…you should be ashamed!    This time, I had to really do some diggin to find strange things though others are obvious!  

Here we go – MORE random things about me:

I am a night owl.  I absolutely DISPISE waking up in the morning.   And I’m so thankful that my Hubby knows that, and loves me anyway.  I’m really not a morning person.   Don’t think you’re getting any conversation out of me until I have had a cup of coffee.  I think that stems back from my single mom days…the ONLY time I could get anything, I repeat ANYTHING done, is when my precious BabyAm was asleep.   I think I have carried that over throughout the years…before bed, I must clean the kitchen, pick up the living room, and start a load of laundry (if one needs shuffled).

My Hubby and I have listened to the Police Scanner, every night for the last 6 years or so.   It’s actually a hand held scanner, and it lays on the mattress between our pillows…it’s on every night from the time we go to bed, until the time we get out of bed 7 days a week.   We’re insane addicted.    (And yes, we do hear names of people we know (once knew) get pulled over, get DUI’s and numerous other things.)  Sometimes we take it out on Friday and Saturday nights when we go get pie and coffee and we “cop chase”…not that we can usually see anything, but it’s kind of fun to have midnight family covert operations to keep us occupied once and awhile. 

The sight of blood makes me queasy.   For about the last 10 years, the sight of blood, if someone get’s cut or hurt really makes me queasy.  It sends a sharp pain up the back of my spine…I don’t know why I can’t handle it anymore…and sadly with age; it’s not the only thing that is getting worse…like my anxiety.   However that is another completely different post.   (Someday my friends, someday you’ll know exactly how bad off I am…)

I am jealous of our Garmin.  Yes, I said it.   Thankfully that stupid thing (woman) has been turned off lately…but she drives me insane.   I’m not needed anymore.    I used to be special to my husband.  He used to tell me that I was the HUMAN MAP.   Now, I’m just a cranky wife, because I can’t see anything I’m good for anymore.  LOL.   Seriously, he really wanted a GPS, and I should have known he was sick of me ready for a newer less HUMAN model, but I didn’t realize it until we actually brought her into our car and she took over.   However, I will give her some credit; she does have one feature that I absolutely adore can’t live without, it’s THE MUTE BUTTON.

Beauty School Dropout

Beauty School Dropout!  –  I quit my job as a bookkeeper with benefits to go to Beauty School…while training the gal to replace me, she pointed out that I was pregnant.   Of course I thought she was off her rocker…turns out, I was indeed pregnant.    Geeze, I thought I had the flu…WRONG-O!  Anyway, the smell of the Beauty School and the horrible morning sickness I was having did not mesh.   I am officially, a Beauty School Dropout!  (I only went for 3 days…)

I love watching shows about White Supremacists, Bikers, Gangs, Cults, The Masons, WACO, etc.  I am interested in WHY people are they way they are, or why they do the things they do, and what  their “groups” inter-workings are…maybe that is the rebel in me wanting to know more, but not wanting to be side by side doing those things with those people…  Come on, you can’t tell me that I’m the only curious one?

Alright…I think six is enough!   But I have one little word to leave you with:  Paybacks.  🙂


  1. >>>I love watching shows about White Supremacists, Bikers, Gangs, Cults, The Masons, WACO, etc. … Come on, you can’t tell me that I’m the only curious one?<<<

    Totally hooked. It’s why I love trashy reality TV so much. People amaze me every day. Oh, and let’s not forget Springer. I could sit and people watch all day.

  2. Yea! I’m not the only one! Woooo Hoooo! You are right, people amaze ME everyday too…I tend to spend more time in awe of others than I’d like to!

  3. Okay, now Steph, you might’ve REPOSTED the 10 you did before and then just added a couple more–would anyone have been the wiser???!!

    And SLEEPING with the police scanner??? (But I admit following the cops around is TOTALLY something my husband would do. Oh, if we had a babysitter. Ever.)

    P.S. thanks for saving my virtual ass today! 🙂


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