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Digital Photography

BabyAm had an assignment in Digital Photo to take portraits of people.   We were the lucky ones to help her with her homework.  Hubby and I have very few decent pictures of us together, so it was really actually nice to have someone take some pics.   I decided I’d share a couple of my favorites with you.   She’s doing a great job, there are alot more that I didn’t show you!  Remember these are raw, so they are not her final product (she’s got cropping and contrast etc still to mess with)…maybe I’ll do another post about those another day.  But for now…Here you go!


 BabyAm Self

Self Portrait of our Up and Coming Photographer, BabyAm

Graham Technolgy Guy

Here’s Hubby, with a couple of his mistresses!
(His Laptop & Blackberry!)

  Water Girl

Necessities!  H2O!
She’s so funny to make sure and get pictures of us…
“in our natural environment” – Her words.

 And here below, is a VERY good representation of our Marriage!

 Bunny Ears

 Isn’t he a cutie?

Thanks for visiting!  By the way…the sun came out today and it was beautiful.  No snow last night! – Though I hear it’s supposed to snow again tonight…oh well, it was nice while it lasted!  🙂


  1. Cute pics! 🙂

  2. I’m so proud this is my family…..they are the best

  3. Yes they are very cute pictures, and thank you for being such good nice subjects. I will let you know when I have more cropped and done, and eventually you can post your after pictures 🙂 love you mama! xo ur baby


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