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I really thought that I would have more time today to blog.   I was so mistaken!   Yesterday I spent alot of time trying to prepare for the Debate Tournament this weekend, and running errands with Hubby.   By the time last night came, I didn’t have it in me to blog.

I figured that I would have plenty of time this afternoon while I was at the tournament.   BUT….I didn’t!

This morning was an early morning, a couple of my friends (Debate Moms) came over and we made individual “dinner” bags for the team.   We made sandwiches, and then put in cookies, chips and raisins.  (They were a big hit!)  Hubby and I drove, and beat the bus by about 45 minutes, which gave us time to stop in Wal-Mart and screw off for a bit, there were a few things we still needed to get.

This tournament was about 50 minutes away…the High School from that town ALWAYS comes into our valley for all our tournaments, so this time they put one on so we could go to them!    This makes for a very long day, and into the night.   BabyAm and the team are still there tonight, I think they are doing awards finally (and it’s almost 10pm Mountain Time).  They’ll probably get in around 11:30 or so, and then have to catch the bus AGAIN in the morning but at 6:30 am!   It’s tough, but worth it, since those kids from the HS where the tourny is…travels to us all the time, so we should be able to handle it once a year!  🙂

Today was all  Competetive Speech, tomorrow is all Debate.   Today there were about 300 kids at the tournament, which is so wonderful, and the school put on Concessions…which doesn’t always happen, and this was a great concession!   Vitamin Water, Candy, Home-made Goodies (cookies/brownies), Home-made Chili, and Meatball Subs!   Wow!   This debate coach did an awesome job putting this tournament together, especially for being such a “small town” High School.

Click here to read BabyAm’s rendition of the tournament…LOL! – She’s talking about Extemp (her Speech event), where they draw three questions from a hat, choose one and then they have 30 minutes to prepare a speech about it.  There are 50 questions they COULD be asked…Domestic (US) and International.  They are questions on issues that are going on in the world, within the last two months.   Unbelievable questions.   Some are extremely biased, some I don’t have any idea if ANYONE knows!  (Her blog has one of the questions she got today) 

Tomorrow we’re having Fried Chicken and Potato Salad for lunch.   I have to tell you that though not all the students went to this tournament (our coach actually took another team to a University in California as well this weekend, so we are with our Assist. Coach)…we have had a wonderful response to parent help…mostly in FUNDS, which is probably the best way they could help.  We did have a couple parents provide stuff…and even my Mom pitched in!    I wish we could get help from ALL the parents, in some way…but alas, it’s not going to happen and I just have to accept it.    The kids were excited today, and I know the same will go for tomorrow! 

Next week (Thurs, Fri, Sat) is the National Forensic League Tournament and it’s one of the biggest!  I’m so thankful that BabyAm gets to go!!!!!   All worked out from my irritation last week, and I’ll try and catch you up with that in the next few days, it’s such great news but I’m worn out tonight.    I still “get” to make muffins for the students for a morning snack!  🙂 

Thanks for listenin, sometimes I gotta get out what’s going on around here…even if it’s kinda boring to some!

I’d better go get those muffins started!  🙂


  1. Wow. I think *I’m* busy and my oldest is only five–I’m in for a lot of trouble!

    Oh, and I’m really interested to know how one “screws off” at Wal-Mart… 😉


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