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And we have a WINNER!!!!!

Here is an excerpt from an email Hubby just sent out…it explains alot, so I didn’t try to edit it (except for names to protect the innocent).  🙂

This weekend made for a GREAT debate tournament for BabyAm.  She and her partner, broke in to Quarter Finals for the first time this year and they even got  a trophy!!

BabyAm Trophy

We are so proud of her as she has worked her tail off this year and debate has been a trying and sometimes emotional process.

These tournaments go from about 1pm on Friday until 11pm on Friday and then from 7am to 10 or 11 pm on Saturday by the time they get back to the school.  The kids are physically and mentally drained as they are debating very serious and real topics that effect the world today. 

Upcoming this week is the NFL (National Forensics League) qualifying tournament .  This is a long 3 day tournament that starts Thursday Morning and goes late in to the night on Saturday.  It is also the biggest and most important regional debate of the year on a national level. Only a small number of slots are available to her team and BabyAm was invited to compete in this tournament in both Extemporaneous Speech and Policy Debate.  If her team finishes in the top 3, they qualify for nationals which is in mid June in Vegas.  She will be competing with one of the better Varsity debaters on her team – (A different partner than she debated with this week).  BabyAm is a Novice Debater, but this tournament is an “open” tournament where Novice vs. Varsity does not matter and they can debate together.  Needless to say, we have a busy week ahead with them working together, making another thousand or two copies of evidence etc etc…. 

So there you have it!   – We are soooo proud of BabyAm and the rest of her team!   Several of her team-mates placed in different events and it was such an awesome experience as a parent to watch it all unfold so nicely!  


  1. Congrats on the exciting news!!

    (And no, I’m neither dead nor have I left the country!) 😉


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