Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 16, 2008


Awards at NFL were just given out and 3 of our students are going to VEGAS BABY for Nationals!   My friends daughter is going (she’s who has been helping teach BabyAm Extemp, and is a Sophmore)….SHE WON 2nd Place in Domestic Extemp!   We are so happy for her and extremely proud!   She is amazing!    And we have 2 Seniors ALSO GOING who WON and placed 3rd in Public Forum!   AMAZING ALL OF THEM!!!!  – We are soooo excited!

It’s all worth it!  All of it!  All the struggles, the frustrations, the disappointment of things.   The worries that can’t be fixed, the organization that doesn’t exist….THIS MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT to me…seeing the hard work these kids put in and to see it all explode for them is just wonderful!   🙂


  1. Just figured out how to leave you a message. Love reading the blog. Especially the stuff on debate. Thinking I might have to start a blog, but I’m not sure. Wish you could have been at awards and saw the look on Bryce and Shawns faces. They were thrilled and surprised. They thought they had lost there last round. It was priceless and truely hard to describe the joy on there faces. A moment I won’t forget along with the joy on my own daughters face. It was a priceless moment one that makes you think this is what it is all about and for. All the meals, meetings, frustration – all comes down to this one moment of JOY!

  2. Congrats!!! This is so awesome. 🙂


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