Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 17, 2008


Tonight, after our extremly healthy dinner of Wiener Wraps…(Because I didn’t really wanna cook again…) and I couldn’t think of anything else more orignal to make…LOL, our dear sweet BabyAm made brownies.   And going along with the spirit of the last several weeks in our house, we had the great DEBATE over Chewy vs. Cake Like (it’s the difference of ONE EGG mind you).   I asked for “Cake Like”.   And she made them…cake like, for me…I must say, they are nothing short of PERFECT!   I can’t tell you how perfect they are…and even with all the compliments and groans of goodness…she in true teenager form, announced that she would have preferred Chewy.    Gotta love her.   If we would have wanted Chewy….she would have preferred Cake Like!   😀   Too funny!  Anyway, they were perfect.  I hope that I don’t eat the whole pan by morning.


Life is good, but brownies make it better!


  1. Oh, DEFINITELY chewy–and I would’ve eaten the whole pan in one SITTING!! 🙂


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