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Ok, so I took BabyAm to run errands with me.  Harmless ones, like picking up some foundation for the two of us, and making an ATM deposit at the bank, but somehow by complete accident…we ended up at the mall!!!!

My motherly instinct was to let her spend her $25 gift card from Christmas, at the GAP.   After walking in there, realizing that her gift card wasn’t going to get her far, (and after talking to Hubby) I decided that I would help her if she wanted to get a nice dress shirt and pants (for Debate).   She tried on several things, and we ended up walking out of there with a nice fitted Pink dress shirt.   She doesn’t own anything like that, and she was pleased at how nice it fit.   We made a few other stops trying to find some nice dress pants.  Tough job, because all we could find were REALLY cheesy parachute feeling things.  


We ended walking toward Banana Republic.   I can’t shop there, but heck…maybe they were having a good sale is what I thought.  Not 10 feet into the store, and a nice guy walked up and asked if he could help us.   Naturally I said no, which I usually do, and then he said that today was the last day for 30% off all dress pants!   Wooo Hooo!   (LOL)  I was pretty sure that was NOT going to help us afford them.  🙂

Needless to say, BabyAm was taken back a bit when just as she entered the dressing room to try on the pants she picked out, he offered her a pair of heels to try them on with.  How sweet!  With her pretty new pink fitted dress shirt, and a pair of outrageously priced but very well tailored pants, and heels….all she needed to do was try on a black blazer with it.   🙂  NOPE – not that one! (it was $225)  And oh my gosh, is this the only other one in this store???  (it was $168)….Guess it would have to do—-she looked like a million bucks!   I honestly don’t believe she had any idea how beautiful she could look that dressed up.    She looked like she should be walking in with a client, carrying her briefcase, up the stairs into the court house.   AMAZING!

I asked the lady to hold a pair.   I just needed some time to gather my senses.   That pair was $78.   Yes, 30% off of that, but still…did she really need them?   They would need to be hemmed.  Would she take care of them?  Should I keep looking?  One more stop…let’s go to JC Pennys…I have seen suits there, maybe we’d get lucky, if not…we can come right back and get these, right?  Or maybe we wouldn’t have to was what I was thinking really.

JC Pennys was fruitful, we found a black and white striped blazer ($30), the pants were ugly so we didn’t get them.  Then she tried on a skirt ($20), and a 3/4 sleeve blazer that matched ($24) and a couple cute shiny shirts (one black and one red, each only $1.97—yes less than $2!!!!), once again the pants were ugly so we didn’t get them.  (We got out of there for less than $90-not too bad for several outfits really.)   But, something in me told me that I would be stupid not to go back to get the ones that looked so nice on her…can you say CAVED?

And some how, I managed to be sweet talked into opening an account and saving another 20%.   Guess I will need to find my sissors to do some cutting in the next week or so when that card arrives.   BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!  Final purchase for nice dress pants that make my teenage daughter look like a young attorney (did I just say that?)…Priceless!  I mean, $46–and it was charged to my new card (Hubby was pleased to tell me that, since I have not had a clothing store credit card since I was about 20)!  Now can you say SUCKER????

Welcome to motherhood.


  1. Those must have been some good brownies! Just kidding!! You did get a really good deal on the BR pants.

  2. Awww … You’re a good mommy 🙂

    That’s not being a sucker. That said, wanna adopt me? I need new clothes too. LOL

  3. So far I’ve been lucky with thrifting and hand-me-downs, but I know my days are numbered… 😉

  4. Trysha – They were AWESOME brownies…and I don’t think it was her intention, but if she reads this, she might realize that it worked wonders for bribery!

    Carol Anne – You’re funny, I only had one for several reasons…i’m afraid I wouldn’t know what to do with two! LOL Ask for a Straight Jacket maybe? 😀

    Marlee – Oh honey, I was lucky just like you for a really long time…then High School surfaced…AHHH! Maybe I already need the above mentioned Straight Jacket! LOL – Yes, numbered days indeed!

    …shhh…it is kind of fun though…don’t tell anyone! 😉


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