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I’m a list maker.   I am not a list completer.   There is something relaxing about making lists.  When I finally take the time to sit down and make a list, my whole body has a much more calm and relaxed feeling.  (Especially in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep)   I wish that I was better at accomplishing the things on each of the lists though. 

  • Grocery Lists – What to buy, what to buy for meals, what to buy from Costco, what to buy next time at Costco…I could go on. 
  • Dinner Idea Lists – What to make which day (I even have montly calendars, and I don’t usually stick to them)
  • Bills to Pay Lists – That list is self explanatory, but I wish that they had someone elses name on them.
  • Things to do today Lists – Today, Eventually, Needs Done, Needs Done Now, Want to Do, Absoultely Must Do…yes, I could go on here too.
  • Cleaning Lists – Every room, detailed items of what needs cleaned and check boxes. (ie. toilet, sink, mirror, floor, etc.)
  • Movies to see Lists – Some of these are movies that we don’t even know what they are about anymore, because I never can find the list when we are wondering what to watch, some of them are movies that only one of us wants to see, but I failed to write down who that was…so it is not helpful.
  • Things to Blog About Lists – I have good intentions of blogging some of this stuff, someday.   Some take to long for me to sit and write about, some are not relevant right now.  Some are fun stuff that I haven’t gotten into yet, like Wordless Wednesday, and Fridge Friday.   So I look at those ideas and toss them out the window, only for them to pop up another day.
  • Debate Lists – This is everything from printing off old emails, meeting agendas/minutes which will be EVENTUALLY put into a Booster Club Binder (that I am working on), to notes I have written (and still am writing) that continue to remind me of the “bumps in the road” we’ve encountered this year, in hopes that I’ll figure out how to address some of them, and not have them next year as well. 

Can anyone else offer up a list I need?  Or one that is strange that you have?  Please tell me I am not alone in this obsessive list making!

Maybe I could make one of these with my lists? 

Shopping List Table

Click on the picture to make it bigger.


  1. ME TOO!! I LOVE lists…only these days I seem to always lose them.

    When I’m REALLY organized I have 4 daily lists: to do, emails/computer, errands, phone calls.

    I also often have lists of gifts I need to buy and people I need to make plans with.

    Ha! Now you’ve got me making my OWN list of lists! 😉


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