Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 21, 2008

How I narrowly escaped a Straight Jacket!

Hubby took BabyAm to school this morning.   I was sitting on the couch doing my Bible Study this morning while he was gone (a little late in getting it done) and I felt like I was spinning.   I was sure I was crazy because I had just read a Blog 365 friend’s (Breigh) post last night about her having Vertigo, she lives in the Neitherlands.   So I figured I just was “feeling for her” because I too, have had Vertigo before and it’s NOT fun.

Hubby got back home about 5 minutes later, and I told him “I think I have a little case of Vertigo today, it isn’t good.  Kind of felt like an earthquake”.   He mentioned something about seeing how I feel, and possibly not going this morning to my Bible Study group.    (He didn’t want me to be driving.)

Because he secretly reads and watches the news (and has a TV Monitor hanging on his wall, so he can watch CNN all day while he works) he called me in his office, showed me this article, and told me that lo-and-behold….what I felt was INDEED an Earthquake (6.3 magnitude)!    Then our local news came on…everyone was feeling it here too, I am not crazy!!!!   WOAH!!!!!!!  Really freaky!

More to come! 


  1. Ha ha! That’s hilarious! Wait…IS it hilarious? I think an earthquake might be totally freaking SCARY!!! :-O

  2. That still doesn’t mean you aren’t crazy honey!


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