Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 22, 2008


I’m not a big Martha fan really, probably because my priorities don’t include crafts or cooking.   Today however, there’s a little Martha in me.  I need a hobby, I need a passion, I need something to keep me occupied with that I enjoy.   I don’t ususually enjoy cooking but today I’m making Banana Muffins again for the Debate Team.  Districts are tomorrow, and there are only 12 of them going.  I have to admit, 12 kids just sounds easier than 25-30, I think in ANY book!  🙂  So I am kind of excited to spoil 12.  

After my morning muffin making mess, I will head over to a friends house and ATTEMPT to play the Crafty Martha role by making “cards”.   Attempt is the key word there.   I got a few things together here, to help me in my adventure and from what BabyAm said, I’m headed into a scrapbookers/stampers heaven.   So I’m looking forward to doing something different, and something with some new friends.   I hope they don’t kick me out when they realize I am missing the CRAFTING gene.  (I might have to post pictures later, or tomorrow…if they turn out, because it might be the only craft you see on my blog, and we’ll all want to relish in it’s presence.)

My afternoon is looking exciting too.  I actually WANT to make cupcakes (FunFetti) for the Teams afternoon snack. 


The frosting has sprinkles!   I like sprinkles.   And besides, as the cupcake chef extraordinaire, I will get to taste them for quality assurance.  Right?

Now, my only small complaint today is….it’s snowing again.   Does God not realize we’ve had our fair share of snow, and maybe just maybe he could give us a break and send it to my step-sister in Florida for a change?   I just think spring should be sprung already!


  1. Now, see, I wouldn’t be able to make the cupcakes or the muffins for the team because I would EAT THEM ALL myself and have nothing to bring the next day…

    Good luck with the cards (ha ha)!!!! 😉


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