Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 23, 2008

For those of you wondering…

Just a quick post tonight as we’re getting ready to wind down tonight and watch American Gangster…but I wanted to just post that the gals think they did OK tonight at Districts, (possibly 3 wins out of 6 debates) but they did not make it to State.   I have to say, as a mom though I wanted to see them win, I am glad that DEBATE tournaments are over for BabyAm this year.  

She was going to take it next year, but I think she is going to switch to Competitve Speech instead.   Still the same team, just a different niche.   Her recent Debate partner also enjoys the speech part, she is the one that is going to VEGAS in June for Nationals (in Speech)…we still aren’t sure if she’s going to stay in Debate or Switch either…tough choices for them all around.   But they are both great young ladies and they enjoy the competition, and experience so…whatever works!

BabyAm gave a oral presentation in Biology the other day and said that no one wanted to go first, so she jumped up.   It just doesn’t bother her anymore…which is nice. 

Tonight, one of the girls on the team who debates Lincoln Douglas (form of debating) is going to State.  Two Policy teams one team of two girls, and the other team of two guys  (who won 6 debates out of 6 today) are also going to State (they are the two that are going also to Nationals in VEGAS!) .   We’re all really excited for them. 

Tomorrow:  Humphrey’s Seizure (he’s one of our Boston Boys) the poor guy, Card Making Day and whatever else I am forgetting…maybe some pictures.  🙂   (this is a reminder to me…because I’m getting old, and forgetful)


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