Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 24, 2008

Catching Up

Guess it’s time to catch you up!  

Friday you might remember I was making muffins for the District Debate tournament on Saturday, going to make Cards with my friend, and then make cupcakes…Well, I got the muffins done and headed off to make cards.   I have to admit, I was having alot of fun.   I cut 3 big 12×12 pieces of paper up into smaller pieces (about 60 I think), decided how I wanted each of them to look and then got the paper all attached to the card-stock.  We had just started stamping the “Thank You”, and “Thinking of You” when my phone rang.

Hubby called, said “I need you home”…he never says that!   He told me one of our dogs (Humphrey Bogart) had just had a seizure.   OMG!   I was freaked out.   I dropped everything (I left my mess), and hurried home.  By that time Hubby was on the phone with the Vet.   We took him right to the Vet’s office, so they could monitor him.  Poor guy.   By the time I got home he had come to, and was back almost to his normal self.   I don’t think we won any awards for Parents of the Year though, how rude to go through such a traumatic experience, then be taken to the doctor to get poked, prodded and locked in a cage for a couple hours.    He was not happy with us, but dang it…those boys are like our kids too.   They want him to have an ultrasound within the next couple weeks, and to just not leave him alone for awhile so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again…Hubby took it the worst, he said he was so scared, and that he was happy that I wasn’t home.   I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have handled it well, not with how bad Hubby took it.   Sad.    Both Humphrey and Hubby seem to be doing better now…but we’ll keep a good eye on all the boys for awhile.  🙂

I did manage to get the cupcakes done though, thankfully.     

 Sneaking One

Here’s a picture of one of the students sneaking one.  🙂  They were yummy! 

So yummy in fact that Hubby asked for Chocolate Cupcakes that he wouldn’t have to share.   I just finished making those.  And I think they are even better than the Funfetti ones!

Lets see…other pictures.  Here’s one of BabyAm…I am not sure however why she felt it necessary to wear a paperclip as a fashion accessory.  It does not do her new outfit justice.  

BabyAm Cupcake

I don’t have pictures YET of the cards, obviously.   I hope to get them finished up this week, just have to see when my friend wants to ditch the housework again for fun.  🙂  And as soon as I get them finished, I’ll take a couple pics…

And then the last thing I can think of right now is that today we registered BabyAm for classes next year (on-line thru her HS).   We spent some serious time on it.   And we all as a family made a decision that she would not take Debate, OR Competitive Speech either.  (I am sure she’s not excited to tell her Coach though)  I know it is contrary to what I mentioned last night but she really has other interests to be quite honest, and her choices are going to give her a full plate.   A seemingly fun plate though (if you like these kinds of things).   I’ll share them with you, she’ll be a junior.

American Character English
American Character History
Anatomy/Microbiology/Genetics (an Elective she wants)
Psychology (It’ll help her learn about herself—which is very much needed)
Spanish III  (She loves it!)
American Sign Language (1st year)
Dance (She needs the PE Credit)

Scary load if you ask me.   One of her alternative choices is Physics.   She just eats this weird stuff up.  Maybe she will have such a full plate, that she won’t have time for the dreaded “B” word (Boys), which will lead her down this road…the road to NOWHERE.


Enough for now…I’ll be back tomorrow.  Unless I decide to run away. 


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