Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 27, 2008

My Magic 8 Ball

Remember having the Magic 8 Ball?   I do!   I wish I still had one.  I think this is what it would say if I still did about all these questions….

 8 ball

Was today a good day?  (better not tell you now)

Am I tired? (signs point to YES) 

Do I think I’m getting a cold?  (concentrate and ask again) 

Is my Hubby getting a cold?  (it is certain)

Is my darling BabyAm finally listening, and taking parental advice?  (cannot predict now)  Come on, I need an answer to this one NOW!

Will I sleep tonight.  (you may rely on it)  
Thank you Nyquil!

Was today a good day?  (as I see it, YES) 

Will tomorrow be a good day?  (outlook good)

Will I get a fence tomorrow?  (my sources say no)


  1. I used to LOVE the 8 ball as a kid, but now I’m waaaaay too freaked out about stuff like that just in case it’s bad news. Which is why I NEVER read my horoscope! 😉

  2. I don’t read mine either…they scare me! When I used to…they were too real for my taste! LOL – I guess I’m just feeling like anyone/anything else could make as good of a guess as I could about my issues…might as well be the 8 ball. LOL 🙂


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