Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | February 29, 2008

Leap Day – Leaping Thoughts…

My post today is different from the usual.  I’ve got so many things going on in my head, that I just need to post about all the random feelings and thoughts I have, most of which can be defined by songs that I love.  So I thought I’d share.

They are in NO particular order, remember I said random…

Voice of Truth is one that I wish I could live by, and remember when I’m feeling defeated.  (Which seems to be alot lately.)  See the awesome video from Facing the Giants!

Does Anybody Hear Her (video) sometimes reminds me of myself growing up, and I deeply hurt for all those who have been there, or who are there now. (Lyrics)

Daily, I want BabyAm to know that she is Never Alone, (hear/see it) —that she is not defined by the Mirror (lyrics) she looks into.   And to continue to not be an Average Girl (video)!  All of those are easier said, than believed.

We all wonder “What If I Stumble“, (hear/see it) and we all want to hear someone Say the Words “I love you” – DC Talk puts those thoughts into lyrics that just hit home! 

No, I don’t listen to just Christian music, I listen to everything…so here’s some others

Unwritten is something that just hits me hard EVERY time I hear it.   It amazes me that people can still write songs about how people think and feel. 

Sick as it may sound, I want this played at my funeral, as Our Farewell (3rd song down for the lyrics).  Click here to hear the song, but don’t watch the video—be warned, they are strange people—and the video is not too flattering, but it’s really a quite beautiful song, and my Hubby and BabyAm know it’s a favorite of mine.  (Forgive the darklyrics link and funky video please).

I’ve seen Fire and I’ve seen Rain…oh how I love listening to this man!   There is nothing that soothes my headaches like a handful of Excedrin and James Taylor.  And to describe myself when I listen to him and clean the house, there is just Something in the Way she Moves – LOL

Hubby plays the trumpet, so I’ve been blessed to be introduced (not in real life) to this man, Wynton Marsalis!  And I must admit I enjoy it.  I wish someone (hint hint) would get to blowin his horn for me! 

And I have really been trying to remember lately that…Big Girls Don’t Cry!  Yea, like that’s working!  LOL

Only Time is somthing that can help me escape reality…Listen, you might escape too!

Thanks for sharing some of me…I needed to share with you!  🙂 


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