Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 3, 2008

Manic Monday

What a busy day!

This morning BabyAm woke up a little late, which meant she was going to miss the bus.   Hubby graciously volunteered to take her.  But because she was running a little late she managed to forget her Biology.   It was my turn to go to the school.   So afterward I decided to get some stuff off my To Do List, and headed off to Sam’s Club.   We do have a Costco much closer, however I needed a change.   I enjoyed myself, it was quiet, I was alone, and I got to just wander.   I stopped at the bank, got some lunch and then headed back home.  

Laundry was next on my list, I started a load…but that’s as far as I got.  I had a couple of things I needed from the scrapbooking store (because I’m going to finish my cards tomorrow) so I thought it might be nice if I picked BabyAm up from school and took her.  She also had a project for digital photo that she has due tomorrow, so we really needed those few things, because mine I had to leave at my friends last week.  Once again…off to the high school.   YUCK!

We hit the post office for stamps, and post card stamps.  To Archivers, and then back home.   BabyAm was craving pasta, so I decided Homemade Mac & Cheese might hit the spot.   We got that all ready to go in the oven, then headed to my mom’s to check out what scrapbooking stamps she had, and drop off the few things I picked up for her at Sam’s, as well as some Potato Cheese Soup I made this weekend. 

Finally we made it home, Hubby had put dinner in the oven for us and we all enjoyed our Mac & Cheese.   BabyAm and Hubby both had seconds.   That’s nice to see that a first time recipe was a hit.   I think next time I’ll add a bit more milk, and there WILL be a next time – It was easy and very good.  YUM!

After cleaning up dinner…it was time to help BabyAm with her project.   I thought with what she’d already done, that she was further along…I guess not.   It’s been a long day, and after that project, a long night as well.

Photo Project

Here’s a picture of it.   Click the picture to see it larger.

We finally finished up just about 10:30pm…I think this is the first time I’ve sat down all day, except to drive.   I would LOVE a foot massage.   And a full body massage…but I’ll have to settle for a comfortable bed, and some shut eye.

Tomorrow like I said, I get to finish my cards (and YES, I will post pictures) with my new friends, I can’t wait…I’ve been anxious to get them finished, and have already had several times I could have used them!   Then later in the afternoon we have some friends (our old neighbors) coming by to see our new house.  They have been in Arizona all winter (5 months!) so they haven’t seen it, because we moved while they were gone.   We’ll miss having them as neigbors, but they’re not far away at all, so I’m sure we’ll still see them often.   They’re like another set of parents to us.   What is amazing is they have been married for 49 years!  49 years!!!!!   How wonderful is that!   You’d never know they were a day older than about 50…seriously, they are so much fun.   Anyway, I’m looking forward to both of those things tomorrow.

Last but not least, I may have a guest blogger tomorrow.  🙂   Fun!  Something to look forward to…my first guest blogger! – So friends and family who are reading this without a blog, if you have something to say, and wanna be a guest…let me know!   You could have your special day on the internet…you know it would be fun!  

Until tomorrow friends!   Shalom.


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