Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 7, 2008

Strawberry Marshmallows?

So…they are pretty, fluffy and pink.   They caught my eye while we were at the store getting some more Nyquil tonight, and a few other necessities…so I added two packages of them to our cart.   They were 5 for $5.   Hubby was happy, and I knew BabyAm would be too.  She’s been dying to open the package of regular ones I have in the pantry since I bough them about a week ago (Hubby said we could make smores on our gas stove…I believed him…but he’s yet to show me).

BabyAm was bummed when we got home because she had to eat dinner first, and not open a package right away.   HELLO!  This is not Grandma’s house.  (Just kidding Mom…sorta!)

Anyway, BabyAm took her Nyquil and headed to bed…that’s when Hubby swooped into the pantry all stealth like, opened the package and nabbed those pretty, fluffy and pink beauties.   He looked all coy with me when I asked him what he had.   He had the “I didn’t do anything” face.   So he popped one into my mouth….a few chews and….



They do NOT have to worry about me eating any of them.  Nasty!
I would personally rather drink Nyquil!
Time to do that now, and wash down that after-taste!


  1. WHEW!! I saw those at Target a while back and thought they looked suspect–guess I was right! 😉


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