Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 9, 2008


What a beautiful weekend.  I only wished I would have felt better, so I could have enjoyed it more.   I have so needed to the sunshine.   After all the snow we got this winter, I have been really excited when the sun comes out lately.

I am not one to enjoy the sun, to be honest.  I prefer 75 to 80 degrees and a little overcast…or a light breeze, and sitting in the shade.   I burn so easily that the sun is usually not my friend.   So spring and fall are favorites of mine.    And spring seems (let me say that again—seems) to be just around the corner.  I’m ready.

Today we hosed off our porch and walkway, emptied some boxes in the garage and made it much more easy to look at.  It was looking like a storage unit, with two vehicles shoved in it.   It is acceptable, for now.  

My plan for tomorrow is to hit the laundry hard, and get pictures of the cards I’ve been making…taken and posted.  I’m excited.  I’ve made about 60 now.  🙂  These last 20, I made all on my own here at home.  I’ve been trying to rest, with this stupid cold, but I feel so guilty sitting on my butt…I had to do something!   So off and on I’ve made a few cards.  Sadly though, my kitchen counter is piled with paper, stamps, glue, colored pencils etc…thankfully Hubby has not mentioned how cluttered it is…probably because he knows I’ll get bored with it soon and it’ll all be put away for 6 months to a year.   He knows me well.   (I secretly hope that is NOT the case…I hope I keep doing it…I am (shhhh) having fun!)

This cold has really been irritating, especially with the nice weather.   I’m so tired all the time.   BabyAm has it too, and Hubby was getting over it (from last weekend) but I’m afraid he might not be able to shake it because of us.   We did open all the windows today to air out the house, and sprayed some Lysol all over the door knobs, keyboards, faucet handles, etc…to try and kill what we could.   Bacteria!  YUCK!  Just the thought of it makes me want to sneeze and cough.

Look for pictures tomorrow!  🙂  I’ll try and post earlier in the day.


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