Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 10, 2008

It finally got tackled!

We’ve lived in our new house for almost 3 months now.  I do love it, all of it…but I do have one complaint, minor complaint.  The pantry.   Who, in their RIGHT mind would build a house and put a GLASS door on the pantry?    Yes, glass.   That means keep it clean, because EVERYONE who walks into the kitchen can look in.   Not pretty.  

So, even though I’m definately not 100% (not even 80% yet), I decided to do the un-think-able.   I tackled the pantry. 

I found some seriously expired things.   One of those things was a box of powdered milk (I have no idea why I would have that) and because I couldn’t find an expiration date on it, I called Nestle.   The lady was probably in complete shock when I told her that there was no Best Buy date on it.   She mentioned they’d been putting a Best Buy date on everything for the past 2 years.   After giving her all the numbers from the box, she determinded it was from 2005.   She said it has a 12 month shelf life, and that though it would probably be fine, I should throw it away.  (You think?)  LOL 

So, like I said, it’s been almost 3 months, and everything was just basically THROWN in the pantry to get it out of the boxes.   I couldn’t bare to take a picture of the before.  However, I am proud to show you the pictures of the AFTER.  (I doubt this beautiful work of art, will stay that way more than a couple days…*sigh*)

Full Pantry

I did also work on laundry (still am), I also made it to the store to get some bread and Drixoral (the ONLY thing that helps me feel better when I have a cold) and I was only able to get that after 17 forms of picture ID and the promise of my first born, in blood no less.   (Thank you Meth Manufacturers).   I seriously would have given those things if I really needed to in order to get the ONE box I got, it works that well for me…if I would have had to.   Thankfully, they just wanted my ID, and current address, but I could not buy that AND Sudafed.   AAAAAH!

I also got all my card making stuff put where it belongs, and the house straightened up.  I got to open the windows all up again and got to enjoy another beautiful day.  I got some pictures taken of the cards I did by myself, here at home…though I didn’t get them posted earlier in the day like I had planned.   Oops!   Here’s what they look like.   Click here, to see more individual pictures. 

Easter Etc Cards

Click on the picture to see it larger.

I have another book that I’m supposed to be reading for my book club, that I’ve not really started (does 3 pages into it count as started?) so I’m hoping to take a crack at getting that tackled tomorrow.   Our next meeting is on the 18th.   I am soooo not a reader.   It is called The Sisterhood of the Queen Mamas, by Annie Jones.


But then again I didn’t think I was a blogger either.  I seem to be doing fairly well so far.  

I pray for a beautiful day for everyone tomorrow! 
(And some “rest” for my blogger friend Marlee at Marlees Rant, who is…
The Best Mom in the Whole World and I know could use it!)


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