Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 14, 2008

At what point did parents stop teaching abstinence?

We were watching 20/20 tonight, titled The Age of Consent.  All I could do was become irritated.  I can tell you that though it was a very well put together show about what is happening with our teenagers, we all were in shock that there was NO mention of abstinence   Irritating.   Somewhere along the line from my grandparents generation where you didn’t have sex until you were married (though they were married YOUNG), and this generation of parents where  porn, condoms, birth-control, abortion, oral and premarital sex are “the norm”…I really believe that parents became irresponsible.

Instead of spending so much time, like this show (and other shows, programs, classes etc.)…trying to articulate what happens when when you have pre-marital sex (ie. pregnancy, STD’s, jail time, sex-offender registry), why not instead focus that same amount of time (or better yet – MORE) on teaching our children, in our homes, AND in our schools the value of ABSTINENCE!   How tough is that.  Where are the morals, where is the integrity, where does obeying the LAW come into play anymore?   Not only morally is it wrong, but it’s illegal.  

And because our elected Governmental Role Models (Clinton, Craig, Foley, Spitzer…etal.) are all just as messed up as the next guy (and continue to hide it/lie about it/deny it) I am not feeling like this issue is ever going to change.   These are the people we elect.   Where are their morals?  Spitzer is so far the only one that has made any type of effort to rectify his situation by stepping down, so behind his mask of deception (to the State of New York, his WIFE, and the rest of us out here who –are supposed to–hold our officials to a higher standard) he must have some little tiny ethical integrity left to do the right thing.  Thankfully.

Just another perfect opportunity to have a great discussion with your teenager.   (This is where I wish I could save the world.)  Talking to your kids is just OBVIOUS to me.  Every.Single.Day.About.Every.Issue.You.Can.Think.Of.

Remember:  Irresponsible parenting breeds irresponsible parenting.

Honestly, what is it going to hurt if we don’t try to discourage immoral and illegal behavior?  Nothing.  It’s called TRYING and, personally if I can save one teenager from an unwanted pregnancy, one unwanted STD, one abortion etc. , then I have done SOMETHING to help make SOMEONE’s world a better place.   And we (Hubby and I) started trying with that one someone, BabyAm several, repeat several years ago…and she’ll be the first one to tell you that though the road is tough for all of us, it’s worth every.single.discussion…and it’s still working.


  1. I totally agree. I’m not a parent so I guess I really don’t get to comment too strenuously, but I agree.

    There was a good piece in the Washington Post this week that I think is worth a read.


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