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Bloggie Things

Here’s another LIST of strange things I think about, (and want to blog about), all random of course.

Blog stats – I was going through my blog stats tonight, just to see what sites are bringin in the peeps.  LOL – Found out it’s mostly our families personal website.   I’m figuring it’s because it’s posted on the Class Reports site, and people from my upcoming 20 year Reunion are visiting (but sadly not leaving comments- hint hint). 

While I was there, I noticed that there was a post that someone looked at from LAST March, that was a very important post for me to blog about.  It was called Enough is Enough.  It was/is about the March against Meth that is/was happening around our city and state at the time (and sadly seems to have died down a little during the year).   If you are new to reading my blog, I highly recommend reading it.   Not only does it tell you a little about who I used to be, but also who I am now.   Among other things, I am a complete freak when it comes to communication with our daughter, I just think you can’t talk enough to/with your kids!  Here’s another example about how important it is to talk to your kids, my version of course.  And there are so many other issues that I have not blogged about yet (shame on me!) but are in my drafts…too many frankly.  All that blather, to breifly mention that it was so strange to see someone interested in that particular post.   I really wonder what caught their eye (please comment, hint hint).

And not so briefly, I haven’t blogged about something that has been going on (cuz it makes me really sad to talk about) with one of our BOYS, Humphrey Bogart.  On the 22nd of February he had a seizure, while I was at a friends house.  Thankfully Hubby was home!   We took him to the vet, who ran some tests, and told us to watch him closely.   Additionally he had an appointment for rechecks of his tests last Tuesday.   But on Monday Morning at 5 am, he had another seizure.   The vet called to confirm the following day’s appointment, and we told them he’d had another.   They said to watch him and bring him in the next day as planned.   Monday night when we went to bed, we were really nervous about sleeping and sure enough, he had another one about 2:30 am.   Talk about heart breaking.  I can’t begin to tell you how hard that is to watch your little guy have a seizure and not be able to do anything for him.   Tommy Lee, each time just sat back and looked just as concerned and confused about what was happening as we did.  So sad.   Anyway, we took him in on Tuesday as planned, got some more tests taken and found out that his Bile Acid levels were up from the last time.   He does have some liver issues, so we really keep a close eye on those levels.   Thankfully our vet does not want to just put him on medicine for epilepsy because she is not certain that is what it is just yet.   She wants to find out what is causing them, so we can treat it properly.  She recommended an ultrasound so they can get a good look at his liver and make sure he was not born with a shunt, and rule out liver disease.   Poor Humphrey Bogart!    Needless to say, after a great blessing and quick work by the vet, his ultrasound is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.   I hope we stay seizure free, until we can find out what is causing them. 

Ok – I need something happy now!   We are getting ready for Spring Break, and we have a special guest coming to stay with us.  He’ll need a Nick Name, (humm…I’ll work on that) anyway, it’s one of Hubby’s adorable son’s.   He’s 11.   BabyAm will have a brother (human) for a week.   Should be fun….but like I said on my Teen Torture page, I’m not sure how to take care of a boy!  This will be a great challenge for all of us.   He’s not been to see us in quite sometime, so we are excited for him to come hang with us!  He’s a real cutie pie!  I’ll post some pictures too!

A couple weeks ago we were given some tickets by some friends of ours to go see Men-O-Pause the Musical.   Though I’m not there yet, THANK GOODNESS, it was a riot!   I am so sad for our friends that couldn’t go (thus why they gave them to us).   I can tell you that it felt sooooo good to laugh from my toes for 90 straight minutes.   What a great show!   They sang hysterical words to 80’s songs that just were so right on the money about “the change”…I highly recommend it if you get the chance, and Hubby enjoyed himself as well, which is also great.   We really needed a night out, and it was definately a kick in the pants!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the boxes my mom brough over tonight while we went to the Musical.   She stayed with BabyAm (no, she doesn’t need a baby-sitter) because we didn’t want to leave her by herself with the Boys’ since Humphrey’s not been himself lately.   That is something we did NOT want her to have to see/deal with–alone especially.   The contents of the boxes are just out of this world (to me right now) and though will cost me a little of Hubby’s hard earned cash, it is pennies compared to what it could have cost me….curious?   You’ll just have to wait, because it’s picture  and blog worthy alright…and I am too tired to do it now. 

I might touch tomorrow also on Debate, One Night with the King, and A Matter of Wife & Death.  So, please come back…and don’t forget to COMMENT, just to say you were here…(hint hint)…please.


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