Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 24, 2008

Wii’ve Got Freckles

Freckles arrived this morning!   I decided that is what his nick-name is gonna be.   Oh my how he’s grown!   He’s taller than BabyAm (I’d say by about 2 or 3 inches!) and he surely looks older than 12.  WOW!

It’s so nice to see his sweet smiling face again.   He’s such a great kid.   He lives in the mountains (really) with his mom and her Hubby and his kids.   And we don’t get to see him as often as we’d like.  

Hubby took him to Wally World to spend some Christmas money, and get a new game for his PSP (funkly little contraption).   They discussed a Wii.  LOL  Hubby came home and proceeded to make probably 8 or 10 calls trying to find one in stock anywhere in town.  No real luck.  He did make a call to one of our old neighbors (and friends) for any insight of where to find one… He is a real GAMER type guy his name is Errorik (and no, I don’t understand a WORD on his blog-LOL).   He was VERY KIND and offered to let us borrow his Wii for the week to see if we like it, and all of his MILLIONS of games.   Does he know he is our HERO?   Fun!  Hubby did say though, that Erroriks’ little ones were NOT happy to see their Wii walking out the door.   And they are so adorable, I’m glad I didn’t go pick it up…I probably would have cried. 

I’ve yet to play anything on it though, as I have been feeling a little yucky today, but it was pretty fun to watch the kids (Hubby included) playing and having a blast.  Guitar Hero III is the favorite I think.  Too funny, why am I NOT suprised?  

We don’t  have any “fun” stuff like this because our family has such addictive personalities anyway, we don’t need another vice, so to speak…however, after watching Hubby and BabyAm today (just one day with it), I’m not sure I’ll get off as lucky (as I have been thus far) after this Spring Break with Errorik’s Wii.  *sigh* 

Here’s a couple pictures of the KIDS!

Freckles and BabyAm

Cute aren’t they?

Face Off

Serious stuff I’m guessin!

The Biggest Kid

This is going to be my biggest PROBLEM CHILD.
I can just TELL…someone better start saving!


  1. This adorable man has told me that when my “Golden” yearsget here I can come live with them, and he won’t let my daughter put me in a home. So, I can’t really question his ability as a guitar hero. Nor his state of mind. Since mine is already questionable wanting to live with them the rest of my life. But I love my daughter, and so she very well may need some company in order to keep herself together. As for BabyAm, she’ll be off at college and becoming a lawyer that can help support all of us.


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