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Humphrey Update

I sent this out to our friends and family, so I decided since you are all my friends as well, you needed to know too.   These little BOYS of ours, are just like our kids (since Hubby and I can’t have our own…these are them!) and we just love each of them, just like real little toddlers.  They both have their own personalities, and their own special needs…we love them, and would be lost without them.    So when they have any issues…we’re just heartbroken.   Hopefully we have a handle on most of them.   

Here’s where you can find the background on Humphrey and what’s been going on with him.   And below the picture is the update as of today.

HB 1st Day Home

9-30-06  His first day home…cutie huh?

Humphrey had his ultrasound today.  They called me today shortly after starting to get the authorization to sedate him (Valium and something else) because he was very upset and wiggly (which means to us, he was outta control).   I picked him up shortly after 3pm, and they were not able to give me any information because they had to wait for the Ultrasound Doctor to write up her report.   We were all really sad, and Humphrey was really disoriented (the 5mgs of Valium I’m sure), and lost his balance a couple times.    

Tonight, during dinner, Dr. Ames (one of our sweet vets) called, she said she KNEW how anxious we were to hear what happened, and she had just seen it come across the fax machine, so she wanted to call us right away.   (I love that about her!)   So, the good news is, they ruled out a liver shunt, which is really good.   They also didn’t see any OBVIOUS signs of liver disease.  If there is any liver disease, it’s only going to be detected with a biopsy.   Dr. Ames said that at this point we can go either way…we can get the biopsy done, which might turn out negative anyway…or her suggestion is to watch him for the next 3 weeks.   If he has ANY more seizures, we need to call them and let them know.  Since they haven’t gotten worse with each one, that is a good sign.   The frequency isn’t good though, but she is pretty sure that it’s probably epilepsy.   If he does have any within the 3 week period, she’ll put him on medication.    

Now, with that…the medication they give them for epilepsy is really hard on the LIVER, which is what we already have some issues with (his enzyme levels are higher than they should be) so she just wants to see how he does for a couple weeks before putting him on it.   Almost prolonging the inevitable…but that’s ok…she says it makes them “not themselves” and we really like him “the way he is”….so we’ll just keep praying for NO MORE SEIZURES!  J   I just wish there was something obvious, but not serious…and inexpensive to fix, so that he would feel better soon.   I guess epilepsy is that answer?  I’m just not sure.

You’re prayers are always helpful!  Keep them coming, we all appreciate them.


  1. I’ll send up a prayer for you guys–hope everything turns out okay!!!!1 🙂


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