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Sweet 16 – Accomplished!

I survived the “Sweet 16”!   BabyAm did too.   Our day went like this:

We told her last night that she needed to get up early (rude, on her birthday, I know) but we didn’t tell her why.    She got up great, and came downstairs to a decorated house, and PRESENTS!   But that would have to wait until later, I know she was just dying to open them all.   (I know, doesn’t look like many…but sometimes big things come in small packages)


So, because we had things to do (we didn’t get up early for nothing) we left the house about 8am, and I took her to breakfast (we have a little breakfast place we like to go called The Chef’s Hut).   She thought that was pretty fun.   After we ate, we had a little time to kill so I took her to an empty lot to let her drive for a little while (not long, this was just filler) and then we headed off to our main morning destination (to get her hair done).  She was so excited.   (I, however, was envious both before and after!)

Here is a picture before…


Here is the beautiful girl AFTER!  What a cutie!
That’s Lola with her, she’s a cutie too!


We stopped at Tulley’s on the way home and got coffee.  Ok, so I got coffee, she got a Cookies and Cream milkshake.  YUM!

The Birthday Girl had one of her friends over today for a few minutes and he totally killed her at Guitar Hero III…oh my can he play!

Lean into it

Her choice of dinner was Spaghetti (she picked out Classico Spinach and Cheese sauce), with our new favorite bagged salad (it’s a Spinach salad with sweet honey mustard dressing and we add Bleu Cheese crumbles to it), little baguettes and spinach dip and lastly Italian bread with garlic and butter.    It was really a great dinner.

BabyAm decided that she did not want cake this year, she wanted another desert that we love, which is called “Sex in a Pan”.   Just imagine, Oreo crust, then a layer of cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar, a layer of whip cream, a layer of chocolate pudding, and then more whip cream…chocolate shavings on top for added beauty. 


We had all our family over after dinner for dessert and present opening!  Very exciting.  I can’t believe all the stuff she got, and I don’t think she asked for much. 

I have so much more to say about the day, but I’ll leave on this note because I’m exhausted.   The gold necklace she’s wearing (which says her name) brought her to tears…I’ve had it in our safe for about 8 years, waiting for her to turn 16 when she could really appreciate it.   She definitely does, and it was so neat to see her emotions burst when she realized what it was.   Patience is a virtue really, and trust me it’s been tough not to give it to her sooner!

Necklace Small

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Daughter, I am proud of you!

Birthday Girl

You amaze me, daily…keep up the good work sweetie!


  1. What a FUN birthday! 🙂 Congrats on making it to SIXTEEN! 😉

  2. what a cutie!


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