Posted by: A Mom w/Fears | March 30, 2008

Spring Break Coming to a Close

I think I can speak for BabyAm, Freckles, Hubby and the Boys when I say…we had a great Spring Break.   It really did us all alot of good to hang together as a family.

Easter with the Family – Here’s a picture of our family on Easter. (Without Freckles though).  We had a great time, alot of food and the traditional game of UNO.  

Easter 2008 Family

Freckles Came –  Gosh how he’s grown since the summer.   He was so good for us, and we all really enjoyed his company.   Hubby got him a cell phone (added to our plan) so he can call/text us anytime he wants and throughout the summer, as he’ll be staying/working in a little resort town about 100 miles away.    That’s just between his house and ours.   Sadly his phone doesn’t work where he lives (in the mountains, little town of less than 200 people), but it does work where he goes to school and his grandparents live, so he can call his Mom, and us before he gets on the bus to come home etc., and if there is an emergency.   Here’s a picture of all of us, while he was here.

Four of us

BabyAm’s Sweet Sixteen – I know it wasn’t a big “To Do” but it was enough to put a BIG smile on her face for the day, and put her over the top on a Happy Meter.  

BabyAm’s Last Surprise – I didn’t blog about this, because I just have been so exhausted, and Friday night it hit me like a ton of bricks.   I was officially dead.  Ok, not officially, but definately close.   On Tuesday, before BabyAm’s birthday, I text messaged one of her friends Luchica  (who had to change schools this year) to see if she could spend the night on Friday night, and surprise BabyAm with me.   She was excited, and we planned how we would make it happen, right down to a secret code that would tell me when I could come get her.   I told BabyAm we had errands to run.   It was working like a charm until I had to turn down Luchica’s street.   She started catching on. 

The Girls

Here’s a picture of the monkeys, acting appropriately.  (Yes BabyAm is wearing a SpongeBob shirt) and that is whipcream from their pieces of Sex in a Pan, created into their new boyfriend they call George.   Two giggly girls who haven’t seen each other in months, I am sure most of you can understand their need to be strange.   Additionally, their night didn’t end until 4am when they finally couldn’t keep their eyes (or mouths open) anymore.

Then it was time to take Freckles 1/2 way home.  We all were sad to see him go, but hopefully we’ll see him soon!  Here’s a picture of the little Resort town I talked about earlier.   Can you belive it’s almost April and they still have this much snow!   OH MY!   The houses we passed (not condos) you could barely see the roof tops, and their driveways looked like a bull dozer dug them out.   Icicles 7 feet long on some of the condos.  A sight to see I’m tellin ya.



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