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American Idol – Top 9

I guess it’s time for me to get on the AI (American Idol) blog bandwagon about the night, and my thoughts on each of the performers.  Here’s my first crack at it.

Brook White – “Jolene” – Good performance, sang from the heart, sounded good, in her element.  Not my favorite performance, but she is going to make it into the top 5 or 6.

David Cook – “Little Sparrow” – Great arrangement, amazing voice, consistantly original and good week after week (the only one).   One of the best!

Ramiele Malubay – “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?” – Finally a performance I liked.  If she’s not in the bottom 3 this week, I’ll be really surprised.

Jason Castro – “Travelin Through” – Great song choice, he needs a bit more interviewing skills (but that will come) but he will probably be in the top 5 or 6.

Carley Smithson – “Here You Come Again” – LOVED IT, got chills, sang wonderfully, and it’s a shame that since Simon really couldn’t find anything bad to say about her performance, he had to insult her fashion sense.  (I don’t think he likes her)   She’ll be in the top 4 for sure!

David Archuletta – “Smokey Mountain Memories” – This kid continues to amaze me.  He has a great tone, and his composure was fantasic, despite the fact that he was singled out on the Today Show this morning about having an overbearing dad.   Did anyone other than me notice that there was no conversation with Ryan to speak of after his performance?  He will be in the top 4 as well.

Kristy Leigh Cook – “Coat of Many Colors” – Though her performance wasn’t bad, Simon is right when he calls her forgettable.  She’s been in the bottom 3 multiple times.   I think her days are numbered.

Syesha Mercado – “I Will Always Love you” – She sang great, right up until she tried to “do” the Whitney Houston finish, though she was close, she just couldn’t pull it off.    I think she was doing great until that point.  Anyone who tries to sing Whitney, Celine Dion or Josh Groban never comes out good with the Judges, especially Simon.  Her days are also numbered.

Michael Johns – “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” – Like David Cook, Michael Johns always seems to pull it off and is original.  It’s been mentioned he sounds like Michael Hutchence from INXS.  They are spot on!  If you close your eyes and listen to this  (youtube video) you can see him on stage singing it!  Very cool!  He’s a keeper!

Who should go?  Ramiele  (Not necessarily based on her performance tonight though)

Who will go? Kristy Leigh

Best of the night?  David Cook or Michael Johns a close second.

I have to say, I really feel like at this point in the game that I can pick the top 4.   I can’t pick 5, and I can’t pick 3.  I can only say that I think that it’s a “guys” win this year…and there’s 3 guys in my top 4.  No specific order.  (unless something terrible happens and one has a bad week)

Carley Smithson
David Archuletta
David Cook
Michael Johns


  1. I’m with you with Ramiele, she’s done.

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